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Please can you whitelist the site

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I need your help to whitelis:t https:// thewritingweb . org/


Actions taken

         The site was cleaned professionally

         Harmful Backlinks Remove andmhave now been disavowed by Google

         Sucurri has also given it the green flag.

         All plugins unistalled/reinstalled.

         Updated Your CMS and Plugins

         Krystal.uk (where it is hosted) cleaned the site.

         Change Passwords

         Malicious Code and Files Remove

         Used cleantalk

         Local Environment was Scanned

         Stronger Security Measures Implemented

         Google  has Reviewed the site it has passed


 warm regards





GSC .png

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  • The title was changed to Please can you whitelist the site

Welcome to Kaspersky Community.


I've just visited the site and my Kaspersky product did not detect anything in the site.


Also: https://opentip.kaspersky.com/https%3A%2F%2Fthewritingweb.org%2F/?tab=lookup


And no Kaspersky detections at VirusTotal:



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