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No connection to Firefox and Outlook


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Hi, I've suddenly started to experience no connection with Firefox and Outlook. There's no problem with with Edge or Chrome. I get two different messages depending on the websites I'm trying to access (See attachments). On Outlook, I get the error code (0x800CCC1A). Connection is fine when I pause protection, so it must something to do with Total Security. There's been no changes to the system or apps at all, so I have no idea why this has started. I'm on Windows 11, Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000.556), Kaspersky Total Security ( Thanks in advance!




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1 hour ago, Berny said:

@KH250   Please check in the Reports section if there is any notification that is pointing to your problem.

If you suspect Kaspersky in this issue please contact Kaspersky Technical Support
→ Contact us → Product help → E-mail → Contact Support

No, I don't see anything relating to that. I'll try the Technical Support anyway. Thanks.

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If you are sure that the website is safe (for example, if it's the official Microsoft website or an official page of your bank) and you visit it regularly, add this website to the exclusions. See the instructions for the following applications:

Kaspersky Basic, Standard, Plus
Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Total Security, Kaspersky Security Cloud, Kaspersky Small Office Security
If the notification appears on a website you don't use often, you can allow opening it once. To do so:

Click Show details → I wish to continue in the browser window.
Click Continue in the pop-up window.


Hope this helps,
J Wick

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26 minutes ago, Niskla said:

I have the exact same issue. No connection on firefox - everything else working fine.

And no, disabling port monitoring for 443 and 80 does not fix it.

Any other ideas?

If unblocking 443 and 80 did not help I'm not sure it is the same problem I had, but I will outline my troubleshooting steps for future internet dwellers and perhaps yourself:

If you go to KTS>More Tools>Manage Applications>Application Control>Manage applications>Locate Mozilla>Select Firefox and right click Details and Rules - does it give you an error? about invalid/moved? If so, that was what my problem was.

Backing up the old reports database and forcing it to create a new one solved it for me as you see below.

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