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Lots of blocked traffic, ports 646, 547 and 5355 outbound [Closed]

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I just noticed, that I’ve got lots of blocked outbound traffic in my KIS 2020 logs, appearing each minute. 

They are UDP/TCP, going to ports 546, 547 and 5355. Remote address is sometimes listed as ff02::1:3. Local ports are 546, 547 and 55704.

My system should be clean, and it’s tested weekly. I’ll run a USB boot stick scan to maximise testing, but IMO everything should be OK. What application/tool can I use to catch the program or service trying this connection? It might be totally harmless, but nevertheless -- I wanna see who’s doing it.

I’m running Windows 10, fast insider.

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According to Wireshark It seems to be connected to icmpv6 neighbor solicitation, and WUDO (Windows Update Delivery Optimization). I could not find any triggered packet or application rules that would explain the block.

Finally, I moved Folding@Home and my Panasonic Smart TV to trusted network and application zone. That seems to have stopped the “Inbound / outbound network operation blocked” messages.


Thanks for the help :)

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