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KIS mobile crash (Android)


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  1. Since the update to the latest version, KIS on my Android phone keeps crashing.
  2. The app keeps restarting in the background which drains an enormous amount of battery charge.
  3. Thoughts?

Hello @kgsecret,


  1. Phone manufacturer name, & OS version
  2. KIS version
  3. We would uninstall & clean install KIS with a full power down in between. 
  4. Read & follow all steps in: Kaspersky Internet Security for Android stops unexpectedly or returns an error - including, IF KIS is Premium subscription, not Free, escalating to Kaspersky support
  5.  Also, if logging with support, don’t follow the ‘submit a request’ &  ‘Online Help’ links in the documentation (highlighted red in our image), they’re wrong, its no longer possible to log requests via (your) MyKaspersky account, both links resolve to 404 | Oops, the page is missing | ERROR 404! || use the link we provided → Kaspersky support



  • Please share the outcome with the Community? 

Thank you🙏


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