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KIS disconnected and reconnects after patch updates H and I, but not in other normal updates. [Closed]

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I come here to ask, this strange phenomenon that occurs with my KIS 2020.

In the last two new patches, whenever the update took place, the KIS shuts down and after updating, it turns on again.

This happened after I forced update H, where I did the following:

1. I disabled self-defense
2. I turned off the product
3. <deleted unsupported registry hack>
4. I started the product, activated self-defense
5. I updated antivirus databases
6. I restarted the computer

However, I uninstalled and did a clean update of the KIS back to patch G.

All updates run much less than those updated to the H and I patch where KIS 2020 turned off and on again.

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Okay so last uninstall via control panel save only license data, program settings etc uncheck do not save program settings only license.. .


Then download Kavremover and follow steps on web site for completely remove kaspersky, then do restart and clear temp files a guide how to clear temp files.


After that install kaspersky do database update and restart PC check the problem now.

IF still is there is a problem then contact tech support open ticket on https://my.kaspersky.com

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Unsupported registry hack causes Kaspersky to turn on and off again? Avoid this phenomena by not doing unsupported registry hacks. 

One post was deleted: Please do not recommend removal tool for temporary product restart caused by unsupported registry hack!

Removal tool is ONLY when there is a failure in regular uninstall. 

I rarely post with exclamation point (!). I rarely post using all caps. Next time, I won’t. Instead, the next time content is posted on this forum that is a danger to the average home user, a Warning will be logged. 

Topic is Closed. ☺

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