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KIS: Buy multiple licenses for different people? Is free VPN is available when you buy 4 licenses?


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Hello everyone, I am thinking of buying 4 licenses for me and my family members of Kaspersky Internet Security, but I have some doubts that I can not solve only with the info that appears on the web and FAQs.

First of all, how does it work to buy multiple licenses for different people. I have been using another antivirus   all this year and with the payment I got 5 licenses that I could simply send by email from the app itself for the other person to simply install and that's it, if he had to do any management he could do it all from his own account without having to bother me. I do not know if this also works this way in Kaspersky or if there is an account that can be entered in 4 different devices and therefore I will have to share username and password with these people.

On the other hand, it is not clear to me if the free VPN is available when you buy 4 licenses, because the website itself tells me to buy the VPN for a little more money. In the event that the free version is available, limited to 300mb per day, are these mb shared between the 4 of you? or do you simply each have 300mb of use per day independently?

Maybe these questions are a bit obvious but it does not say anywhere how it works and if it does not work independently I am not interested in this purchase.

Thank you very much

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