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Keep getting error This site can't be reached on some websites

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I would add websites to safe money and then when I would go to that website the screen would be edged in green like it should be. But then it would start edging all screens in green, even if I asked a general question of Google. I have Google fiber for my internet. Now when I try to access certain websites, that I have been using with no problem, I get a message that says "This site can't be reached." For instance WalMart. I make purchases from them from time to time. Has always worked great. Now I either get that message or if I try other links offered on my Google search the website will pull up, but it doesn't look normal. It looks like an outline with headings. I don't know if this is a Kaspersky issue or Google issue. Thanks for any insight you can give me.
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Hello Carol Ann, Welcome! Generic first - if these suggestions / ideas do not help then we'll proceed to recovery steps:
  1. Have you done a full set of browsers used?
You mention Google:
  1. If you're going to do this & have Bookmarks that you'd like to keep, export Bookmarks before doing a reset - chrome://settings/reset
  2. reference https://www.wikihow.com/Reset-Google-Chrome
  1. Have you done a reset of Kaspersky Security Cloud? https://help.kaspersky.com/KSCloud/Win2.0/en-US/68683.htm
  2. Check system date & time? Up to date?
  3. Is your MyKaspersky account - synchronised, accessible?
  1. Are you able to post back images of "the links offered on my Google search the website will pull up, but it doesn't look normal. It looks like an outline with headings" please?
Would you also please be kind & tell us:
  1. All Kaspersky software in use: name/s, version/s?
  2. Operating system, version, build please?
  3. Browser/s, name/s, versions?
  4. Any recent changes in anything to do with system or any apps, software in use on device?
Let us know please? Many thanks!
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