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Kaspersky Security Cloud Free: How to always Allow access to Hyper-V virtual ethernet network connections


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Often, when I start my Windows 10 Enterprise PC (using 64-bit OS, version 21H1), Kaspersky Security Cloud Free prompts me to allow or block network access for my MS Hyper-V switch network. I always need to confirm this (allow it).

Sometimes, I need to use WiFi on my PC, and then same thing happens.

I do not want or need this feature, I want it turned off. However, looking around it seems only the paid version of Kaspersky Security Cloud will show this in its Settings to disable,  whereas the Free version does not show this anywhere.

Please could someone point me to a tool or Registry settings to edit/add to disable this feature, so that Kaspersky Free leaves my new/old/whatever networks alone, and allows all  network traffic without prompts?

Kaspersky Security Cloud version is this one: 

If it matters, my desktop PC specs are -- Windows 10 OS (details above), ASUS H81M2 mobo, Intel Core i3 CPU (Haswell, 2 cores/4 threads), 16 GB of RAM (usually, lots of it free), 2 TB Crucial MX500 SSD  (~200 GB free), 2 more HDDs (1 Seagate, 1 WD - 8 TB each), AMD Radeon R9 390 8GB GPU, 27” Full HD display, fast 100 MBit Internet connection (using LAN wire to router).

IF I need to email Kaspersky tech support about this, please could you guys give me the correct email address to email to? :) 

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Thanks for the reply.


Sorry, yes, here it is:


This shows, and needs mouse clicking (i.e. clicking the “Yes, allow” button) every time I turn on my Windows 10 PC, i.e. every morning -- I turn off my PC every night, and turn it back on in the morning.
If I need to use WiFi (rare but happens as sometimes I may need it), it bugs me again and again.

Unsure why you give me 2 ways to contact tech support that do not apply to me?
I am using the Free version, not paid one. So, these 2 suggestions are unhelpful as they do not apply to my use.

Anyone here that can give the correct email address to write to, please?
I am pretty sure another person asked the same thing a while ago, and then were pointed to the correct Kaspersky tech support email address to write to. :)  (I found that older thread via a Google search.)

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Anyone here that can give the correct email address to write to, please?

Hello @NakiBest,

Thank you for posting back the information & the image👌


There is a suggestion regarding improvement of the current behavior in future versions - 4227445.”

end quote

  • The contact information provided by Moderator @Berny is correct, however, there is no technical support for Kaspersky Security Cloud Free: not by any of the available support options: Online chat, Email, Phone & or Remote. 
  • Also, in topic New Ethernet Network Detected, Nord VPN, TAP adapter, @s3dbw has posted a reply, you may wish to check? 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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