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Kaspersky Security Cloud blocking Windows Update and other apps

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Hello there!

I was hoping to find assistance, and find out if there is a setting I can change to fix my problem.

Since yesterday, I started noticing some apps stopped working properly. Namely, the Epic Games Launcher, and Microsoft Start (the native feed to Windows 10).

After some experimentation, I realized normal functionality was restored after exiting KSC.

Today, I noticed the exact same pattern with Windows Update (KSC was blocking updates from being transferred).

I tried isolating the problem, switching off specific components of KSC but couldn’t find one that was causing this issue.

Anyone had this same problem recently? Running Windows 10 (21H2), btw.


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Are you running KSCloud version ?

Please check Kaspersky → More tools → Reports ?

Please check your Windows Event Log ?



Thank you for your reply.

I can confirm my KSC version is

Looking at the KSC reports, I’m not seeing anything abnormal, apart from more than a few “Not Processed” events under the File Anti-Virus reports, but I have not idea if they represent a problem.

Regarding the Windows Event Log, I’ll admit not really knowing what I should be looking for… But there doesn’t seem to be anything anomalous, besides a number of warnings about the...COM Security Policy?

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