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Kaspersky preventing Microsoft Direct storage from working

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I was checking to see if my 2 NVMe drives I have are DirectStorage compatible. But the system says they arent. Here are my drives: ADATA XPG SX8200 1TB O/S),. 2TB Samsung 970 Evo plus (Games only), 4TB WD Black. (User data and programs mainly). I get this incompatible reasons for both NVMe drives:

Status: 494 (The specified driver does not support BypassIO operations)

Driver: klpnpflt.sys

Reason: The driver's StorageSupportedFeatures registry value is not defined

Storage Type: NVMe

Storage Driver: Not BypassIo Compatible


The Klpnpflt.sys driver is from Kaspersky and preventing Direct Storage from working.  Will this be fixed with an update from Kaspersky or will I have to get rid of the KIS? 

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It does not prevent DirectStorage from working, it just prevents BypassIO from being enabled. DirectStorage works without BypassIO, but it is inefficient because it does not support an optimized I/O path.

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