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Kaspersky is breaking docker since it's breaking wsl ubuntu


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Just to inform Kaspersky that they are abusing in their restrictions: I lost a day to figure out why Docker stopped working, it’s just when I understood why that I reminded I was spammed by the Kaspersky notifications about the threat of file names in Linux being dangerous since they are case-sensitive… I clicked ok just to get rid of that noisy notification and it cost me a day of work

This is what I posted on the Docker forum:

I had this error, and none of the above solutions worked for me (deleted working files, reinstalled, run the command -switchDeamon):

It showed out that the origin of the error could be Kaspersky that is locking some features having linx in windows, since I realized that even my Ubuntu under windows didn’t start. For that I found a fix here that made docker work back too: WslRegisterDistribution failed with 0x80070422 · Issue #3815 · microsoft/WSL · GitHub where you should basically run in a CMD windows with administrator rights:

sc config LxssManager start=auto

Just for a reference and for others to be able to find the error in google, here’s the error I was getting:

Failed to deploy distro docker-desktop to C:\Users\Zied\AppData\Local\Docker\wsl\distro: exit code: -1
stdout: Le service ne peut pas être démarré parce qu’il est désactivé ou qu’aucun périphérique activé ne lui est associé.

à Docker.ApiServices.WSL2.WslShortLivedCommandResult.LogAndThrowIfUnexpectedExitCode(String prefix, ILogger log, Int32 expectedExitCode) dans \workspaces\PR-16070\src\github.com\docker\pinata\win\src\Docker.ApiServices\WSL2\WslCommand.cs:ligne 146
à Docker.Engines.WSL2.WSL2Provisioning.d__17.MoveNext() dans


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