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Is Kaspersky preventing Windows sleep mode?


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I am investigating why I am suddenly not able to put my PC (running Windows 10) into sleep mode. The sleep and power options seem OK. An Internet search suggested checking for problems via the Device Manager menu and look for devices showing a yellow 'alert triangle' The only one I can see is against "Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adaptor #2". Could this be the culprit? If so, how might I solve it?

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Hello @Dick_F


  1. "Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adaptor #2" is the adaptor for Kaspersky's VPN for v21.3
  2. It will have an alert⚠ if there's been an upgrade to new VPN v21.8 & v21.3 remains in the system.
  3. Against the alert⚠, have you run Scan for hardware changes?
  4. The Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adaptor #2 is highly unlikely to have anything to do with the PC not being able to be put into sleep mode. 
  5. Check in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network Connections, can you see Kaspersky VPN & can you also see Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adaptor #2 - IF Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adaptor #2 is there it needs to be deleted & then the computer should be shutdown, using SHUTDOWN, not Restart, power on, using the power button, login, go back to Device manager, make sure the Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adaptor is gone? 
  6. Have you checked Windows events? 
  7. Have you run the Power troubleshooter? 
  8. Is Screensaver enabled? 
  9. Have Microsoft Technical been engaged? 

Please post back? 

Thank you🙏

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Thanks for replying. Here are my observations to the numbered points you raise:

3. I clicked "Scan for hardware changes" and the display was refreshed but in the same state.

5. I'm afraid I'm not sure how to access the list of "Network Connections" that you refer to. I can open the Control Panel (see attached image) but I cannot locate a list of connections, only a status page (see attached image). When I click on the status of the item with the yellow triangle I see the message "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)"

As for the 'unable to sleep' problem I am still investigating (and trying to see other [people's solutions) but it is a bewildering task!



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3 hours ago, Dick_F said:

I cannot locate a list of connections

Please try this :
→ Command Prompt→ Type : compmgmt.msc → [Computer Management] →  Device Manager → Network adapters
Network adapter "Kaspersky VPN" should show up in the list , if not please launch Kaspersky VPN ?
⚠️ Please take care before any action.

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7 hours ago, Dick_F said:

5. I'm afraid I'm not sure how to access the list of "Network Connections"

Hello @Dick_F

You're most welcome!

Thank you for posting back & the information!

  1. 💥Before making any changes, please create a System restore point, refer: How to create a restore point in Windows
  2. Select Change Adaptor settings -


There may be two Kaspersky VPN adaptors, one named Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adaptor #2 = Kaspersky's OLD VPN adaptor & one named Kaspersky VPN = Kaspersky's new VPN; delete the one named Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adaptor #2, then shutdown the computer, using Shutdown, not Restart, power on with the power button, login & continue with the instructions we provided above. 

For the sleep issue, we'd recommend reaching out to Microsoft Technical Support. 

Thank you🙏

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20 minutes ago, Dick_F said:

I searched for "Create a restore point" - clicked the link that it found but I immediately got a pop-up error message (attached file) and the create a restore window was stuck searching foe available devices

Hello @Dick_F

Thank you for posting back!

You're not having much luck are you? 

Here's the full document: 

A restore point creates a copy of the system files on the computer at the moment it’s created. This means you can return the computer to its original state should any errors occur when, for instance, you run system utilities or installing drivers.

To create a restore point in Windows 10 and Windows 11:

  1. Click on the Windows search icon.
  2. Enter “create a restore point” in the search field and click Create a restore point.

Opening system properties in Windows 10

  1. In the System Protection section, select the disk you want to create the restore point for and click Configure.

Opening Windows 10 system restore settings

  1. Select Turn on system protection and click OK.

Enabling system protection in Windows 10

  1. Click Create.

Opening the Windows 10 restore point creation window

  1. Enter a description for the restore point and click Create.

Creating a Windows 10 restore point

  1. Once the restore point has been created, click Close.

Notification that the restore point was created successfully in Windows 10

A restore point for the Local Disk C in Windows 10 will be created.

Thank you🙏

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52 minutes ago, Dick_F said:

Yes, but I got no further than step 2. When I clicked the "Create a restore point link" the error message that I posted popped up so I couldn't progress with it.

Hello @Dick_F

Understood! Thank you for clarifying!

Please do the following, note, if this does not work, we revert to our original recommendation - please contact Microsoft Technical Support - there's various other steps that can be taken, but, from the *whole* of what you've reported so far, these are not Kaspersky related

  1. Select Windows Start button, type in services.msc in the search field, press enter.
  2. Check that Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider is present in the Services window?
  3. Select / highlight Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider service - right click on the service, select Properties and make the Startup type - Automatic and start the service.
  4. Click OK
  5. Shutdown the computer, using Shutdown, not Restart, power on the computer by pressing the power button, login. 
  6. Create a System restore point

Thank you🙏

Edited by Flood and Flood's wife
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Still unable to create a restore point. I contacted Microsoft Support and, after lengthy investigations, he decided to do a complete Windows re-install. That also failed so I was advised to get a new PC (mine is 7 years old). In summary I conclude the Kaspersky error was just a coincidence and the case may be closed. Thanks for trying to help.

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