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I have to exit out of Kaspersky completely or playback of our cameras won’t work.


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 We keep more than one year with same problem in all ours kaspersky EndPoint Security version ( KSC scope).  Whenever I receive a notice to view Hikvision cameras, I have turn off the protecction to playback. I did multiple changes over the protecction policy, but there is no way to solve it. 


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i have the same problem, that playback of hikvision nvr is not possible with Kaspersky Anti Virus ( (c) ), since a update a short time before Christmas 2020.

Live-View is okay.

I found a "workaroud", its not satisfying, because KAV displays a warning.

The language of Kaspersky Anti Virus is german:

(1) --> Schutz --> Web-Anti-Virus --> AUS (OFF)

(2) --> Netzwerkeinstellungen --> Verarbeitung des Datenverkehrs --> Skript zur Interaktion mit Webseiten in den Datenverkehr einbinden --> AUS (OFF)

(3) --> Netzwerkeinstellungen --> Kontrollierte Ports --> Nur ausgewählte Netzwerkports kontrollieren --> Alle Ports für Programme kontrollieren, die auf der von Kaspersky empfohlenen Liste stehen --> AUS (OFF)

Only if (1)+(2)+(3) ist switched off, playback works fine.

Actualy Kaspersky Anti Virus (b) is installt and the problem still exists.

When will be the problem fixed?

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Hello again,

the problem still exists with (C).

Internet Explorer Windows 10, 20H2. The Plugin from Hikvision is WebComponents. The Add-On is: WebVideoActiveX Control.

Can anybody from Kaspersky tell me, when the problem will be fixed?


The License (5) ends in some weeks. If the problem is not solved, KAV will be uninstalled.


Microsoft Defender has not this problems.

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