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I cant see videos in atresplayer site

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Hello,  I have issues with watching videos from this url: atresplayer,com/programacion/

It´s a spanish tv page and I cant watch the videos. I´ve tried to put the url in secure navigation and internet protection exceptions but still can not watch the videos. When I close Kaspersky I can watch it but I dont want to risk at all. Have you got any suggestions for resolving the issue? 

Sorry for my bad english. Thanks!

EDIT: I´ve tried with all the browsers but still can not watch it.

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Hello @george26


Your English is fine, do not worry! 

💥Also, there’s the Kaspersky Spanish Community forum, with a very good Spanish Moderator, if you wish to speak in Spanish, they will move the topic for you, please let us know?💥  

Please tell us:

  1. Operating system version & build
  2. KIS version & patch(x)
  3. Is Atresplayer a subscription only site? 
  4. In Atresplayer site, have cookies been accepted? 
  5. In the KIS protection extension, is Private Browsing, Data collection allowed ? 
  6. In the KIS protection extension, is Anti-Banner set to Allow on Atresplayer site? 
  7. In Network settings, has Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages been set on or off? 
  8. In the KIS Reports, are there any Atresplayer events? IF “yes”, save the Report, and attach📎 as a text file (Report.txt) please? 

Please let us know?

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

Additional resource:

Read before you create a new topic! tutorial, by @Danila T. 

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