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How to find how which software is trying to connect with outside network


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Hello, I was checking my Adguard Home Traffic, and then find out a weird domain called “fun-cc,azurewebsites,net” was trying to connect to the internet from my computer IP. I have blocked the domain, but I still couldn't figure out which software/applications were trying to connect to this domain. I believe it's malware.

So with Kaspersky is there any way to check (probably with network monitor or application manager), which application is trying to connect with this specific domain?


I am using Kaspersky Version: (g)
Windows 11 (Up to Date)

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Thank You for this. So I have checked with this, I can find out the IP which is trying to connect, but still couldn’t find which software was trying to connect with this domain - fun-cc.azurewebsites.net


netstat -abn (Also show similar info like tcpview) but only the IPS. 

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