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How to disable the 'sign in to My Kaspersky' popup

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The exact same issue has been posted several times a year ago. Kaspersky will show a popup to get me to sign in to ‘My Kaspersky’. I won’t. However there is no option to completely disable it, only to ‘Remind me later’. I don’t want any reminding, just do your job.

According to this topic it was solved:


But apparently in my version someone thought it was a good idea to unsolve it:

The notification options are all turned off:

Already tried the registry hack option:

Unfortunately the popup persists.

How to get rid of this popup once and for all?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Hello @Kaastosti


The “solved” solution was: Kaspersky changed the notification, by adding an Ignore/Do not remind me again option. 

We’ve seen, in the last couple of weeks, it appears as tho, as you say 21.3*,  has reverted to the original issue🙄

Kaspersky will tell you to raise an INC. 

Before you do that, let’s ask Kaspersky’s resident expert team: @Igor Kurzin@Anton Mefodys, can either of you offer an explanation as to why some notifications in 21.3 do not have Ignore/Do not remind me again option please? 

Please contribute? 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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