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HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic detected but cannot be disinfected since 'object cannot be found'

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When running Kaspersky Free AV today on my imac, it detected a malware called HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic. However, when trying to solve this issue, Kaspersky Security Cloud returns the message that it cannot disinfect the object since : The object cannot be found.

Only choice is to ‘skip the step’.
However, the problem is still flagged in the security cloud overview as ‘not resolved’.

I am running Windows 7 on an imac (bootcamp). 

Has anyone experienced this issue ? And how did you deal with it ?
Can it simply be a false positive ? And if so, how do I find out ?

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Above is a screen shot from the message center (in Danish). 

The warning of the malware appears at the top. 

When I click ‘solve’ (‘løs’), I get the following message :



From the top it says :

Choose resolution method for malware.

Detected : HEUR…..

Location : ……

Cannot disinfect the detected object : object cannot be found, 

Green rectangle : ‘skip this step’.

I don’t get any other possibilities, so appreciating your help, Berny. THX

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OK, it just dawned on me that the location folder Kaspersky is trying to reach is on the IOS partition, and that may be the reason that it cannot access the folder when I run Windows.

When I try to delete the file in question from my Windows partition, I get an error. 

It may therefore have to do with the fact that I use bootcamp and two operating systems. 


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