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False Positive: https://youcloaked.com/ Prevented downloading of a dangerous object

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When I try to visit my website https;//youcloaked,com/ I get false positive. Can you guys please clean this up.

Prevented downloading of a dangerous object

Prevented downloading of a malicious file or other object designed to infect your computer with malware that will slow it down, break the system or lead to other problems.

You were protected from downloading this object by Kaspersky security. You can close this window with no risk.


Detected at: 6/13/2021 7:39:44 PM

Web address: https://youcloaked.com/

Reason: object is infected HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic

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I reported that URL to KOTIP and this is the final verdict from K. analyst:



Thanks for the clarification.
Almost all .js files on this domain are infected.


We are already detecting them.

Best regards,

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The team at imunifyAV+ added the signatures for the malware and now we are good to go. I am also not getting any notification when visiting this website with my Kaspersky cloud security on. Just need to confirm if its not in your blacklist database. 

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