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Failed to Establish Secure Connection Popup | Remote Desktop Issue


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When I remote into my PC using any remote access tool and this "Failed to Establish Secure Connection" pop up appears when I choose to connect, it completely blocks all mouse and keyboard inputs. I end up having to push a forced reboot the PC to regain access. Any ideas on how to fix this other than disabling this feature?

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Hello @Impaler



Do not block interaction with the Kaspersky Free interface. The application is allowed to manage Kaspersky Free by using the Kaspersky Free graphical interface. You may need to allow the application to manage the interface of Kaspersky Free when using a remote desktop connection application or an application supporting the operation of a data input device. Examples of such devices include touch pads and graphic tablets.

 Select Security, select Threats & exclusions, select Specify trusted applications, add the application - with the rules appropriate to (your) requirements, select Save, select Confirm

Thank you?

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