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email link from a “trusted” source. A Wordpress template provider. Trojan detected. Nothing shows in reports. [Closed]

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Can’t be sure but I clicked on an email link from a “trusted” source. A Wordpress template provider. KIS intercepted the site and I closed the browser window.  Bad URL :


Then KIS said it was going to try and disinfect. Then said to reboot and when I closed the KIS window there was a MS Defender window that said it had disinfected the file.

Problem is, I can’t find any reports in KIS or MSDefender that confirms the file was either quarantined or removed. For some reason this is in KIS reports:

29.11.2019 08.18.15;Rootkit Scan (canceled);Objects detected: 1, neutralized: 0, not disinfected: 1;1;0;1;Today, 11/29/2019 4:40 AM;56 seconds;Today, 11/29/2019 8:19 AM

I Exited KIS and ran ESET. MalwareBytes and TDSKiller and all came back clean.

What to do?


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Hello  @Lemarque,

  • KIS patch f is currently being distributed, if (your) KIS is yet to receive the patch, perform a regular shutdown of the computer. There may not be any indication a patch is “waiting”, the patch is applied by shutdowning down and restarting the computer. 

KIS Release Notes: Patches A – F for version

Vulnerability Report: List of Advisories, issued on 25th November, 2019

Best regards🙏

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