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Does changing the security level of a full scan affect thr speed of it?

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Hello. I am a new user to Kaspersky and I am wondering if changing the security level of a full scan from optimal to any other of the other options would speed the time to complete the scan. 

For example, would changing the level to extreme make it complete faster at the expense of more computer resources?

Even though I know a full scan may take a bit, I am still trying to get the fastest full scan. I don’t mind if the scan makes my computer unusuable for the duration if it means that it ultimately completes faster. Thanks in advance.

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Hello @torenten,

Welcome again! 

  • Full Scan, Extreme level: is the most resource intensive scan. 
  • Full Scan, Extreme level: slows down the computer.
  • Full Scan, Extreme level: is normally used if the computer is used to access risky sites & downloads
  • & a Full scan, is normally done after installing & or updating KIS with a new version update, or if KIS is reinstalled:




Note: in Kaspersky applications, a ? →  top right hand corner of the application = Help.

Selecting a ? will open help documentation associated with the window in question.


Scanning the computer

How to run a Full Scan

Scan settings

Thank you🙏


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