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Cannot click on anything in Kaspersky at launch? No go until restart the application.


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I recently installed Kaspersky along with a friend of mine. We both have Windows 10 operating systems, fully up to date. We downloaded the latest version of Kaspersky Cloud, the Free version, to test out the program. Well, we’ve both run into the same issue.

When Kaspersky launches with the system, nothing is click-able in the Cloud interface. It’s not frozen, it’s animations as you hover are all still there and fluid. But it doesn’t respond to us clicking on anything at all until we restart the application itself.

We have two different computers, with two different builds. Both are lower mid-range gaming computers with parts under 5 years of age. It works fine after we force it to quit and restart the program, but until we do that, it wont let us do anything on the interface. The program still sends alerts for updates, detection, etc… but we cannot run scans or anything until restart of the application.

The temporary fix of restarting the program works, but it’s a little frustrating. Is there a way to fix this issue?

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Hi @Xhauni , 

Do you have any third party Anti-Virus solutions that might be interfering with Kaspersky? 

Configure PC to start in Clean Boot Mode to disable non Microsoft applications (leave Kaspersky enabled): 
Will the issue persist in this mode?

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