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Can not scan to the Folder from my Canon IR 1435iFscanner


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8 hours ago, SLHC said:

I can not scan to the Folder in my computer from my Canon IR 1435iFscanner and after pause the Kaspersky protection it will come to my folder. please help to solve


How to download this application for testing?

What error information reply from Canon IR 1435iFscanner or could you provide the issue screenshot picture, Let us know what situation it is.


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Open the application settings window.
Select the Anti-Virus protection section on the left.
The anti-virus protection settings are shown in the right part of the window.

In the Scan exclusions and trusted applications section, click the Settings button.
The Trusted zone window opens on the Scan exclusions tab.

Click the Add button.
The Scan exclusion window opens. In this window, you can create a scan exclusion using one or both of the criteria from the Properties section.

To include a file or folder from scanning:
In the Properties section, select the File or folder check box.
Click the select file or folder link in the Scan exclusion description section to open the Name of file or folder window.
Check if your specific folder is present in that section. If it is yes, do remove it from there.


J Wick

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