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Can I top off another year towards my subscription?


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I have a 3 device subscription for a year. Can I top off another year towards my subscription by adding another activation key and make it 2 year sub, or will it create another account and make 2 account 1 year each? If yes, how many years is the maximum I can top off. 




KIS - 3 device for a year

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Hello @Acesnick


  1. A new subscription can be added by using the RESERVE activation code feature; (not available for Kaspersky Security Cloud). 
  2. Activation code validity period is as follows: 
  • The validity period of the activation code is the period during which you can activate the application with this code.
  • If an activation code has never been applied to a computer, it has an unlimited validity period, unless otherwise stated on the box or website when purchasing.
  • The term of the activation code starts counting from the first time it is activated.
  • If the code is used on multiple devices, the term will begin when the code is applied on the first device.
  • A term of the subscription license starts as soon as the subscription is purchased.

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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