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Bot (technical) emails received from Kaspersky Nexway are in French, even tho submitted tickets only have English options?

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  1. Can you provide reproduction step by step? 
  1. Where do you get this shop.kaspersky.com link? 
  1. How do you submit the ticket? 

Bonjour Igor,

Tout va bien!

Because there’s been changes to the payment component of MyKaspersky portal & because Kaspersky either rarely updates documentation in a timely manner & or frequently updates documentation incorrectly & because Kaspersky’s Online Chat were not helpful, we purchased 2 Kaspersky software licenses, to clearly document the new process. 

The shop.kaspersky.com is the Nexway (Kaspersky) interface. 

Along the way we encountered a problem which required assistance from Nexway (Kaspersky), so, from: Kaspersky: Frequently asked questions about purchasing, Order information, What is my order status? Fill out the form on a lookup page = https://shop.kaspersky.com.au/enduser-portal, we selected: Need help? Please Contact us (bottom left hand corner), which took us to: 




We filled out form & submitted; Kaspersky/Nexway email bot sent us the French reply, which lead us to raise the topic.

clair que la boue? 



Flood🐳 +🐋

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"Hola", tu veux sûrement dire "bonjour" Igor? 

Thank you for the advice🙏 . 
As you'd expect, we're testing, if we find the solution "works", we'll award you a gold med🎖 l, mark your answer as "Best answer", & strongly encourage you to apply for a job with Kaspersky, you'd get along great with their "team"!😉

🦅 +🐋

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Hey, It is taking some time to apply the fix. Could get there within a week. 


Hello @Igor Kurzin


Instead of playing pingpong, please tell us how this was fixed

In anticipation of your question “have you tested?”, yes, more than once; (ioo) 17 days is adequate time for a fix of this nature to have been applied. 


🐳 +🐋

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