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Anti-spam marking email from trusted senders as spam. Would like an easy way to quickly mark them as trusted [Closed]

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I use Thunderbird email program. It has it’s own Spam Learning capabilities. 

I just tried KIS Anti-Spam because I was looking for KIS to have the ability to auto delete any email that downloaded with a virus in it automatically. 

So 2 things. 

  1. It has marked some email that I get from trusted companies as spam, and put them under notifications. I go to notifications, and I thought that if I right clicked on the notification that I might be able to click on something like “ignore this sender” or “trust this sender” - some easy way to tell Kaspersky that I want those emails. However when I right click on the notification I only get… ‘select all’ and ‘copy’. 
    … is there an easy way to add or lets say train Kaspersky Anti-spam, so that I can indicate which email’s i don’t automatically want listed as spam. 
    I did see the place where the trusted email addresses are, there might have been 20 listed there. I deal with over one hundred or more other email addresses that I would consider trusted, and would not want them considered as spam if I were to get email from them randomly here and there. 
  2. What I was really wanting to do when I turned on Anti-spam, was set up KIS to block/remove email that I’ve been getting recently, that has contained trojan attachments automatically, instead of having to review and approve them. 

    Perhaps I should just shut off Anti-spam? Maybe it’s more then what I need. Assistance greatly appreciated. 

    Thank you, 
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Hello  @ripriprip, Tammy,


Anti-Spam first: the “original” KIS Anti-Spam Blocked phrases filter, the filters are so generic, so much gets caught, for example, all my bank (legitimate) emails have an “unsubscribe” invitation & or “subscriber”…

To work (effectively) with the Blocked Phrases filter, I exported the KIS file, created a copy file, deleted 90% of Kaspersky’s configuration, created a file that does filter “real” spam, imported the new file. 

 Allowed senders, the quickest way to set this component up is to create a .csv file of (your) trusted , allowed email addresses & import the file. As you’ve advised, there’s 100+ trusted email addresses, rather than manually add each address, when an email is received or sent, or waiting for KIS to “manage” the email addresses, craete & import the email address master file, then add any incidental trusted addresses on an as needs basis. 

Using KIS MAV & AS, as shipped, consigns 98% of all legitimate emails to the can.

Bottom line, TB Spam Learning is very good, using KIS MAV & AS, with a “bit of work” suits some Kaspersky Customers. 

I’m going to kick TB into gear this afternoon & find the other “tweaks” I had to use to get KIS MAV & AS to play nice with TB, I’ll post back with any helpful hints.

Thank you🙏  

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Hello  @ripriprip, Tammy,

  • Advanced settings of Anti-Spam, allowed senders 

A key formatting “trick”, actually essential for the allowed senders email addresses .csv   file to be imported, is adding 1; before each email address & ;0 at the end of each email address:



For TB, (if you’ve not already done this), make sure Allow antivirus clients to quarantine individual incoming messages, is ☑ ticked: 



Best regards🙏

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Hello  @ripriprip, Tammy, 

An fyi: 

KIS Anti-Spam limitation: When switching to a previous or newer version of the application, Anti-Spam databases (specimens of spam messages added by the user via the mail client plug-in) are not saved.🙁

  • With this titbit in mind, (a possible solution), export KIS configuration before updating to a new version, after the update, import the original config, however, I need to find out if export KIS config “includes” AS data added by user🤔 , if it doesn’t, this “workaround” would be useless😖

There will be a reason for the “limitation”, atm, I don’t know what it is, I’ll ask about both & let you know.

Best regards. 

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