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Android, About the Devices on my network feature

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First of all excuse my English and Happy new year to all 😊🤗


I have been using Kaspersky Security Cloud Personal on my Android 11 but the Kaspersky Security Cloud there’s no longer work so I download Kaspersky Internet Security for android instead. May i ask about the “Devices on my network feature” is it available on KIS for android.


My phone : Real me android 11

KIS for android version


Thank you.

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Real me android 11, KIS for android version

May i ask about the “Devices on my network feature” is it available on KIS for android.


Hello @Jassie_Dave

Welcome & Happy New Year🐣 !

Your English is good, do not worry!

  • No, unfortunately, according to Kaspersky’s documentation, About the Devices on my network feature → this feature is only available in the the Personal or Family package of Kaspersky Security Cloud, *but*, the documentation also says: “If your device operates on Android 11-12.x versions and you want to use the Devices on my network feature, you should contact Technical support to provide you with the suitable version of Kaspersky Internet Security. To keep using it, you must turn off automatic updates for the app in the Play Store or Huawei App Gallery.
  • On the support page, select either Chat or Email, fill in fill in Application malfunction, Other template. 
  • If selecting Chat option, we recommend you request a copy of the chat transcript, make sure you fill in your email address AFTER the chat is activated by the Chat agent & complete the Verify your email address email AFTER the chat completes.
  • When it’s available, please share the outcome with the Community? 

Thank you🙏


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So dose this me, If i want to use this feature I need to contact Technical support.😅

Thank you so much @Flood and Flood's wife for your answer 🙂 have a good day.😊

Hello @Jassie_Dave

You’re most welcome☺ !

Yes, please contact Tech Support, & after they give you the software, make sure, in either Google or Huawei app store (whichever one you use),  turn off automatic updates for the KIS app, otherwise, a new update will *remove* the Devices on my network feature. 

*Also*, ask the TS team, how they will update the KIS version with the Devices in my network feature, on an ongoing basis, because, the documentation tells you to turn OFF automatic updates. 

If you need any assistance, please post back? 

Best regards,

Thank you🙏


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