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Android, “Device locked. Return to owner”.

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About a week ago my Android phone would lock. I would get the message “Device locked. Return to owner”.  I don’t have a problem getting back in. Just wondering is this a glitch with app or is someone trying to do something? If so, what and how do I stop them?  I have changed my router password.


Could be a coincidence but this started happening a couple of days after I downloaded the Brave browser and started using.  I have since uninstalled it.

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Hello @iamjamest 

☢ Also, if you’ve granted Developer/root permissions, the phone can be hacked! Revoke any such permissions. 

➡ Change (your) MyKaspersky account password & make sure it meets strong & unique password guidelines:  contains at least eight characters, including uppercase and lowercase Latin letters, digits, and special characters. 

➡ If you're not already using MyKaspersky 2FA, turn it on & set up both options, SMS & verification using an Authentication app; make sure the Authentication app can be accessed on another device as well, for example, a PC & or another phone. 

☢ Also, on a mobile Android device →  KIS does not support Brave - read Supported browsers

🛑 IF you chose to use Brave, KIS features will not be fully functional. 

  • IF the phone begins to lock again & you’ve not initiated any Anti-theft functions, do the following:
  1. Clear KIS cache.
  2. Uninstall KIS.
  3. Power OFF the Android
  4. Power ON the Android, login.
  5. Download KIS.
  6. Install KIS
  7. Configure KIS
  8. Retest the receiving “Device locked. Return to owner” messages? If the issue persists & KIS is Premium, not Free or Trial, log a case with Kaspersky Technical Support

Let us know the outcome please? 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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Hi there,

Same issue here.  It happened twice, in the last month (give or take).
I’m using stock not rooted ROM.

I’ll follow the recommendation from previous post (TY “Flood and Flood's wife” for the heads up) and I’ll update the results…


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