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Allowing local exclusions, the add exclusion is greyed out.


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Hi everyone,

 I am performing a trial of Kaspersky Cloud and need to add local file path exclusions on individual servers that I don’t want to do through the cloud console.  When I click on the client, the add exclusion is greyed out.  I have looked for a setting to enable this.  Anyone know where the setting is?  Thanks in advance.

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Hi Igor,

  I am trying to add it through the client application under exclusions.  The “Add” button is greyed out though.


Hello @TPerry

Thank you for the image and information👌

  • Is the Kaspersky Security Cloud software you’re trialing, from Kaspersky’s Home AV software range or from Kaspersky’s business/commercial range? 

Please let us know? 

Thank you🙏


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