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Allert about Scan.Generic.PortScan.UDP


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Hello, im using Windows 10 and getting Scan.Generic.PortScan.UDP Network attack blocked reports. Im using version, is this an fals report or something like that.

Hello @Levi

Welcome again! 

  1. Is this topic: ‘-Scan.Generic.PortScan.UDP’, the same issue you reported 27th June 2021 → Scan.Generic.PortScan.UDP
  2. Is Kaspersky Security Cloud Free or subscription (Personal & or Family)? 

According to @Apal in a topic raised by @mikkiDetected object is added to exclusions, Frequent network attack detected, Scan.Generic.PortScan.UDP, technical support advise: 


  • There is a bug 4842633.
  • It's not malware.
  • Problem occurs due to IPv6 fragmentation.
  • Fix will be available in 2021MR4 → eta: November 2021. 

As a workaround:

  • Open KSC, select Settings → Protection → Network attack blocker → switch off Treat port scanning and flooding as attack.
  • In Windows, disabling IPv6 may also help. 


Thank you🙏



Network Attack Blocker settings, Treat port scanning and network flooding as attacks

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