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  1. Hello,

    I have encountered an issue with Kaspersky, and I don't see similar issues here. I cannot log in my Zoom account and access my company's VPN when Kaspersky protection is on. Originally I didn't know the issue lies in Kaspersky. I got messages from both applications that there is no internet connection. However, my phone is connected to the same internet network. I also tested the internet on my other laptop, which doesn't have Kaspersky and it can log in Zoom and access my company's VPN without any issue

    Then I disabled Kaspersky protection to check whether the issue lies here. Surprisingly, I can log in my Zoom account and access my company's VPN again. I also got notification from Facebook Messenger app on my laptop (I didn't notice earlier that I have stopped receiving notification)

    My OS: Windows 11, version number of Kaspersky Total Security: (j)

    Note that I didn't encounter this issue before. Previously I can log in Zoom, establish connection with my company's VPN, receive notification from Messenger when Kaspersky protection is on. Now, I have to pause the protection for normal operation. I noticed this issue for the past 2 weeks, but only found the culprit last week. Could you please advise what to do with this issue? Thank you

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