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  1. Hello,

    try https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/how-to-perform-a-clean-boot-in-windows-da2f9573-6eec-00ad-2f8a-a97a1807f3dd to identify probable influence from third party applications.

    If the issue persits, create a request to Tech Support

    Thank you!

    Same problem - Kaspersky taking up constant 20 - 30% CPU.  Working through the Microsoft Support article referenced by Anton Mefodys did the trick, though it took me well over an hour.  In my case (on a Dell Inspiron 5000 series running Windows 10) the culprit turned out to be “True Color” which was enabled to run at Startup.  If you’ve got the same issue, check if you’ve got that running and try disabling it (Task Manager » Startup » right click on True Color, Disable » Restart); if that works, you’ve saved yourself some time, otherwise, it’s back to Anton’s MS article and work through it.
    It’s well worth following the recommendation in the MS article to use the “rule of halves” when troubleshooting - if I had not done that it would have taken an awful lot longer to work through all my Services one by one! 

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