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Found 88 results

  1. Problem of uninstall KES 10 I have some problem of uninstall KES 10 because the old Server is corrupt and when i reinstalled new server the old password my college not remember.What can uninstall and administration the host affected by this issue. I need your help. Operating System: Product: Kaspersky Security Center 10 Version: 10.2.434 Operating system: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 x64
  2. Hello. How to put Kaspersky Security Center 10.msc to MMC to be available like other MMC items (Active Directory Users and Computer, DNS or DHCP) on administrator computer with Windows 7 Pro? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I am using Security Center 10.1.249. I am able to create policies for all other versions and packages, but I cannot create a policy for KES 10 SP2 (version I get an error telling me that MMC.exe will be abnormally terminated and that a memory dump has been created. Then the MMC terminates. There is nothing at all in the logs. This happens whether I create a policy from scratch or use the policy conversion wizard. I have successfully created tasks for KES 10 SP2. It's just the policy that falls over. Is anyone abole to help? TBL2
  4. Hi, I have problem witt last version KES10 and encryption notebook DELL Latitude 5580. After encrypt HDD and reboot, I can use notebook keyboard. When I only one clik on keyboard - Encryption preboot frozen. When I set password with external USB keyborad, no problem. Thank you
  5. Storage Issue

    Hi, I have Kaspersky Security Center 10.3.407. I do patch management of endpoint. The server where Kaspersky Security Center is installed storage is full because of patch management. My question is that how to remove previous patches that are downloaded from Microsoft from Kaspersky Security Center to make storage clear. Is there a task or something that I do to make my server storage empty? Waiting for response!
  6. Hi, When I want to setup KES manually, it shows "Error 27300. Error installing driver klim6.sys". I look at the old post. Generally recommended ; run the kavremover with -nodedect command and setup KES again. How can run kavremover with -nodedect command ? Also, I am open to other solution suggestions. Thanks. KSC Version: 10.4.343 KES Version:
  7. Hello I have KSC 10.4.343, today I applied sf1 patch shown in KSC console. Anyway the version of KSC seems to be the same than before the upgrade process (the version shown in console is 10.4.343 and there is no mention about service packs). Some of files in ksc folder has been modified, so the upgrade process has been done, but I don't know if it is completed successfully. How can I verify that the patch has been applied? EDIT: In administration server properties -> Advanced -> Information about administration server management plugin the version of C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Security Center\klsrvplg.dll is 10.4.343.0 and the release date is 19 jan 2017, not april (the month in which the patch has been released) thanks eclipse79
  8. Since I was asked to upgrade to fix my scan problem (i.e. all files scanned every time), I realized that my backup was corrupted. I'm taking this as an opportunity to move KSC to my new server (long awaiting task). I don't want to backup and restore, because I want to change the database to MySQL (previously MSSQL). I installed everything on the new server, installed application packages, installed the plugins, and imported my key file. Everything is OK sa far. I haven't found a way to export the tasks from my KSC 10.1.249. Apparently in the new KSC there is an "export task" option, but not in the old one. Have I missed something, or should I just recreate all the tasks ? Appart from that, and before running my "change administration server" task, should I add all the computers to my "managed computers" group on the new server ? Or will the "change administration server" task handle that ? Also, when asked fro the new administration server address in the "change administration server" task, I'd like to set this to a cname that I have setup for ksc (i.e. ksc.mydomain.com). For now it is pointing to the old server, and I would just have to change this record in my DNS to point to the new one. Is this the way to go ? Thanks
  9. Hello, My KSC Server is not downloading updates from Kaspersky. I have version 10.3.407 installed in Windows Server 2008 R2 and, the OS is able to surf on Internet without any problem. The problem is in the results of the task, it cannot download any update from Kaspersky Servers. I mention, that my network is protected by a firewall, and the KSC Server is granted full access to any host and on any port in Internet. Thank you in advance
  10. Duplicate Systems

    I have created a rule in managed computer "Delete the device from the group if it has been inactive for longer than 7 days" (Screenshot attached). The rule works correctly it moves the system to unassigned devices. Now in the unassigned devices there are duplicate system (means the system which is deleted from managed computers & the system that is discovered through polling). Is this normal that unassigned devices showing duplicate systems?
  11. Hello I would like to hide the user notification that are shown in case of Application Startup Control blocks an executable. I cannot find the proper setting in KSC policy, could you please help me? Thanks Eclipse79
  12. I have about 30 Windows XP machines located at various remote offices that I need to upgrade to Windows 7. Using Kaspersky Security Center v10.4.343, I have captured a deployment image and I am ready to test the functionality here at our headquarters. Only 3 of those 30 PC's are located here with the rest being located at remote sites. I see that I can make NAS at each location a PXE server, but the main deployment image will still be pulling from our Kaspersky Security Center server at our headquarters. How do I go about distributing this image to my remote NAS servers? I can setup each of these remote NAS servers as Update Agents, but there doesn't seem to be any interface for managing the Update servers.
  13. Is there any problem with accesiing Cloud managemtn console? i cannot reach the website?
  14. Hi everyone please kindly help me. The problem is I uninstalled Kaspersky version KES256_10.3.0.6294 using Revo Uninstaller and then remove file and regedit file after that I try to install again. But I can not install it shows a message " the installed aes56 encryption libraries do not correspond to the AES-256 encryption libraries this package ". Anyone kindly helps me!
  15. I have tried to deploy installation package and also manually install on my client PC and keep error "The install AES56 encryption libraries do not correspond to the AES-256 libraries this package". Anyone experienced on this issue please kindly advise, how could I fix this ? I have uninstall and reinstall with a new package already, but the problem is still exist. Appreciated your response and help this.
  16. I've just updated the admin console for Kaspersky. While the new version is an improvement over the last one it still seems quite obscure a lot of the time. It's a struggle to understand how to get it to do anything and the instructions available don't really help. All I can find seems to be either marketing messages or enormous PDFs which are far too big to sift through. In the KSC10 console, under Advanced, Application Management I can see two items which look like they might be useful if I could get them to work properly. One is 'Software Vulnerabilities', although I don't seem to be able to get it to do anything useful. Scanning for vulnerabilities is a start, or would be if I could get it to do that - if that's all I get then at least I can work on resolving them somehow. The instructions (kasp10.0_sc_admguideen.pdf) don't really seem to relate to what I find in the console. I have managed to get it to create a task but I can't seem to limit the scope of machines the task is applied to. The whole process of resolving vulnerabilities is awkward and unfriendly, does anyone know of a decent set of instructions which explain how to do it properly? The other is 'Software Updates'. This looks like it might be useful too, except I can't see how to stop it trying to interfere with Microsoft updates which I have WSUS for (when that works properly) and I don't want it trying to do anything with drivers, I would never let things like WSUS or this system update drivers. When I try to use it I get a message that it has been restricted. Why is it doing that?
  17. Task in KSC is Disabled

    I have a problem. My KSC for task is disabled. for inherit is not active. KSC version is 10.1.289. Please advice.
  18. Hello everyone, Is there a way for trusting autorun only on CD and DVD in kaspersky Endpoint security policy , I don't want to trust all autoruns , just on DVD and CD. BR,
  19. Hello guys, I'm facing a problem. Architecture:Kaspersky Security Center 10.3.407Kaspersky Endpoint installed When my laptops are outside the corporate network, the update task doesn't work and failed every time. The task doesn't seem to switch in mobile mode. Find in attachement my configuration for the update task. How do you handle that? What are the best pratices for mobile computer ? Thanks by advanced. Philippe
  20. We run Shadowprotect to backup to an onsite drive with no drive letter and mounted to a folder (eg c:\backup\onsite) and use robocopy to copy those files to another usb drive that is taken offsite, which also mounted to a folder, after installing Kaspersky however, whenever the backups are run, both Shadowprotect and robocopy fail with permission denied errors while trying to access their respective disks. Copying files manually to the drive gives no such error though, has anyone else had this happen to them?
  21. Device control - report

    Hi, Exist report about Device control, where I can see which computer used USB flash? Example: USB ADATA SH02 - computer STUDENT01 Thank you
  22. Hello. I upgraded KSC from KSC 10.2.434 to KSC 10.4.343. But policies and tasks are all missing as well as all settings. Please help me solve this. It is urgent. Thank you.
  23. New KSC Issues

    Hello. I recently upgraded to the newest KSC (with Select license) but I am experiencing some issues. 1. I am not able to get into: Administration Server -> Advanced -> Application management -> Software vulnerabilities -> Additional Actions: Configure vulnerability scan... When I choose Configure vulnerability scan, the error window appears and says: "MMC cannot initialize the snap-in." What should I do? 2. Sometimes when I need to see properties of KES (Computer Properties -> Application -> KES properties), I got the error message: "The application administration plug-in is not installed. Do you want to install the application administration plug-in?" . However, I have already had all needed plugins installed. What to do now? 3. There are some computers (15) that are available and visible in domain (I can ping them from any PC or servers) but KSC cannot see them even when I use network or AD polling. (previous version of KES and NA are installed on these computers) 4. After the upgrade, I created task to deploy the newest NA to all PCs successfully. I also deployed KES SP2 MR1 but some computers (20) says "Protection is off" and "Security Application is not running" and I am unable to start this application remotely via KSC. I necessarily need to do it this way. Thank you for your time.
  24. Good day I tried to install the new KES on a vm the install failed, when I try to install again I get the error in the screenshot. I ran kavremover and I still get the error. Any advice on what to do?
  25. KES Upgrade

    Dear Kaspersky Team, I have Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows 10.2 MR1, MR2, MR3 and I have to upgrade it to the latest version KES Is there any possible way to upgrade KES without un-installing the previous version and restarting the system.