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Found 281 results

  1. Can we IBM integrate Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway with IBM Lotus Domino?
  2. Problem: I can't install KES through KSC on one of the WorkStations. I'm getting Kaspersky Security Center 10 Network Agent (10.4.343): Remote installation has been completed with an error on this device: Fatal error during installation. (Application cannot be installed. The later version of Network Agent (10.4.3029) is detected.) What I've tried: Removed KES and NA from WS completely. Reinstalled NA through KSC. Could not install KES because of the same reason above. Found this site. Installed patch_10_4_343_nagent_a.zip on the WS in question and patch_10_4_343_server_a.zip on the WS which is Administration Server with KSC installed. It said updates was not needed. Then found this page. Installed patch SF1. It said updates was not needed. So, nothing helped. Additional info: Kaspersky Lab software version report shows WS NA with "a" update installed and WS with Administration Server "SF1, a" updates installed. Mostly other WS has "SF1, a" updates installed under NA. WS in question already has NA v10.4.343. Question: Why install of KES is not working through KSC and how to install it.
  3. Microsoft put this order in effect https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4072699/january-3-2018-windows-security-updates-and-antivirus-software We running various KES product versions on ~35,000 machines and my machine with the latest version of KES ( is still on the December 2017 patch for Windows 10 (1709). I assume Kespersky is not setting these registry keys??? What are we supposed to do. Thank you!
  4. Hello, Using the Report on hardware registry I created a report to show used drive space on the PCs and servers. I would like to remove the bar graph from the top of the report. Is this possible? Attached is a document showing the detail fields, the summary fields (which is empty), and the graph I would like not to show up on the report. Kind regards, Paul I would like this to not show up.docx
  5. Hi, Can anybody share the battlecard of kaspersky. One of our client wants to switch from gfi languard to kaspersky and i have to convince him that kaspersky is better than gfi languard. Can anybody share any document or article where i can find the comparison of both.
  6. Hi. Why 'sessions' do not contain any domain accounts? Only local admins are there. i checked Advanced>User accounts and same thing - no domain accounts. Where do I set it up to fetch the account info? I looked everywhere and cannot fix it. Does it have something to do with either of network polls? Thanks. EDIT: Above situation is on slave server. Now I checked on master and I see all accounts. Even accounts of computers that are connected to slave server. This is wrong. Is it another thing that is not shared between servers? I have the same problem with executables in exclusions. I have main policy on master server which is inherited by slave. To add an exclusion for workstations on slave I need to edit policy on master but I cannot add exe if it has not been executed on a machine connected to master. So in result I have to install aplication on a test machine connected to master ksc and then I'm able to add it. This is wrong again.
  7. Hello, Has anyone had experience with Kaspersky Security Center services not starting on Windows server 2016 Standard? I get this messages and I cant start the services even if I try it manually from the Services menu.
  8. Quick question, Under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\KasperskySC\SC_Backup Every day at 1am there is a backup folder created (about 4+ gigs each).. Is there a way to 1. Change the schedule of this backup 2. If it does a backup, maybe only hold 3 backups and delete the last before or after backing up (so it does not continue to take space?) 3. Where is the setting at? (just cant seem to find it) Thank you
  9. Hi, I am using endpoint security on various windows OS, also use Our system is offline so I use update utility 3.0.25 to download updates then copy updates to our offline security centre ver 10.4.343. Security centre rolls out updates in predefined times. On the 24th of January 2018 several windows host OS locked up using endpoint These host required a reset, I didn't have access to them remotely or locally. Some of them required only application restart, some of them required OS reboot. This happened only on host running endpoint Has anyone experienced similar issues?
  10. KSMG Personal Backup

    Hi, I've integrated my KSMG into Active Directory in order to use the Personal Backup feature. That part is working as the individual users can now log into KSMG. No matter which user logs in, they don't see their blocked emails, the search just shows no results (No matches found. Please refine your search). When I log in as Administrator, I can see plenty of blocked emails to those individual users. They can see and modify their black/whitelists just fine, so it seems that it is just a problem with showing the individually blocked emails. Is there a setting somewhere that I may have overlooked? I am using the latest version. Thank you.
  11. I found out that the Beta Version did not set that key. Are you aware of that? I hope that the final one will do it. I do signature updates every hour and have a database release date of 29.1.2018
  12. Hi, I would like to know between these products, Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server and Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows Server, what are recommended for Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016. I have several servers with OS indicated and I don't Know what are the best choice for my windows servers? I installed some servers with Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server and at least local console doesn't exist in local servers, I manage server only by Security Center, while with Endpoint we have also a local console. Thanks
  13. Hi, I want to explain my question with an example. I installed on a computer KES 11 with basic components. After the Installation I received one event that there are some components which are not installed. How can I see in the KSC, which components are installed, when the event is deleted? It's possible to see it in the GUI (Installed and Started). In KSC Properties/Tasks shows me much more tasks as the GUI under Installed. For this, Tasks is not helpful to see which components are installed. Kind regards, OBK
  14. Hi, In my company we are using KSC 10.4.343. I always remeber that we are receiving a lot of alerts: Event "Probably infected object detected" happened on computer COMPUTER_NAME in the domain DOMAIN_NAME on DATE Result: Detected Object: Unknown application I do not know what that alert means? There isn't any information in Events about it on affected machines and KSC server. Any ideas?
  15. Hello guys, I'm not able to define exclude rule for console1.msc file (saved mmc management console). Each time administrator makes changes it has new SHA-256 hash. I tried to define it based on metadata File name: "Console1.msc"; but without success. How to solve it? Thanks a lot.
  16. Hello guys, For Application Startup Control I need to create exclude from control for the folder c:\users\kubovaz\documents\eman\ Unfortunately then I have to create it for all users using specific application. Is it possible to use variables and make exlude like this: %USERPROFILES%\documents\eman\? KSC: 10.4.343 Thanks a lot.
  17. Hello ! KSC 10.4.343, KES aes256 mr1. Is there any chance using kaspersky tools (Web control or Web Antivirus) to block by default all websites with exceptions ? In Web AV there is trusted sites, but no option forbidden. In Web Control I try to add rule name = test any content, to all addresses, block always - it works, via browser cannot access any web site. Than add new rule name = allowed Any Content, To individual address (*kaspersky.com), Allow, always. When i type kaspersky.com - it doesn't open. The KES red message appears on screen. I check that I can access google web page. Can search everything inside inside in, but when I select some result, can't open in. So where is my mistake ? Thanks in advance !
  18. Hello, I did a manual installation of KES10 for Mobile SP3 from apk file. It's correctly synchronizing with KSC MDM server. How can I associate device to specific user? Thanks a lot.
  19. I just finished installing Endpoint latest version including admin center in one company, and on one PC it keeps deleting all xslx files, it doesnt say it contains any virus just that it deleted them, i check in admin centar where i selected to delete unsafe extensions and there isnt xslx ticked, i even tried deleting the rule and its not helping. I downloaded deleted copy on my pc and scanned it with same AV and it says it safe. Im out of ideas what to do, i dont want to disable unsafe attachment deleting because they get alot of spam and viruses usually so this protects them even better.
  20. Dear forum, since we updated KES 10 to SP2 MR1 (from SP1 MR2) we are missing all the settings within fitting policy für KES 10 SP2. There are only "General", "Event Notification" and "Policy Profiles" listed. The old policy had settings for "Endpoint Control", "Anti-Virus protection" and so on. I know, I have to install something, but I am missing what and where to find. I tried a plug-in (KES 10 SP2) für KSC 10 but that has not brought more settings for policies. Please help and tell where to find that missing file. Thanks a lot Davorin
  21. Have one workstation with over 57,000 ioc10f82..... files in it that are difficult to remove. How do I stop them from being put therre and whats the fastest way to delete them?
  22. Hi All, how get information time and date, when KES first install on PC Thanks
  23. What is klnagwds.exe?

    klnagwds.exe is created after kaspersky security center or network agent installation. What is the role of klnagwds.exe?? and why does it use all ports for inbound rule in windows firewall?? I need your answer. Thanks.
  24. Hi Support My operating system is Windows10 64Bit Install KESB10 anti-virus software However, the work manager shows up as a 32Bit KESB10 What should I do if I want to install Kaspersky 64-bit? Job administrator can display as 64Bit ? Parker Best Regards