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Found 302 results

  1. Hello every body. I'm using Kaspersky Security Center 10. .......@yahoo.com mail account send to me Spam mail. How can i block this mail account on Kaspersky Security Center 10
  2. Hello, I am testing Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud and on Settings -> Event notifications I have added three separate e-mail recipients. I have enabled all events but I am not receiving any e-mail. I have tried to access a blocked website (and it was indeed blocked) and tested the antivirus with EICAR file. I thought i was going to receive e-mail notifications. Is it currently working?
  3. Hello Every one ! Please tell me what is the different encryption methods (symmetric and asymmetric) ? Thank you
  4. When a Stand Alone package is created it creates a File named Installer.exe What parameters can be used with installer.exe ? In particular I need to re-install the Agent 10.5.1881, and a password was used. When using Microsoft SCCM to deploy the installer.exe I get errors indicating the password is needed.
  5. We've updated our Windows Servers to security application version Since then the Kaspersky Security 10 Windows Server Policy won't be applied to any of our servers and the Real-time protection status is running in user-defined settings. Is there already any solution for that issue?
  6. Since upgrading to KES Outlook becomes slow when viewing a Message that has a lot of recipients. If I go into Outlook Options and turn OFF the "Kaspersky Outlook Anti-virus Addin" speed is normal. Why?
  7. A file send to us by e-mail was blocked by Kaspersky Security 9.0 for Exchange ( Anti-Virus database issued: 21-8-2018 11:36 (latest) Anti-Spam database issued: 21-8-2018 11:51 (latest) The file is blocked because of an Excel file with macro's attached. Check the attached screenshot for details. The exact same file scanned with KES 11 with the latest database is considered clean. Also, when I use your online scanning tool (Virusdesk) it comes back as clean. Why does Kaspersky for Exchange still consider it malicious, even though they both use the latest databases? For security reasons, I'd rather not share the file unless absolutely necessary.
  8. Hello, I want to know how to clear the virus report logs on the security center: And also if I open a mangaed computers properites in the security center and click on properties, protection ,view report on viruses I want to clear this log: I have cleared the reports on the workstation but cant seem to find how to do this on the security center on the server. Thanks.
  9. Hi 3 Machines that have KES and agent 10.5.1781 are getting BSOD with message System Service Exception tcpip.dll Not happening on all machines and only seems to be since we upgraded KSC and rolled out the new version to the workstations. Dan
  10. Where is my Postings for this topic from this morning?! OK, ones again: We are using KSC 10.5.1781 on Windowsserver 2012 R2, Agent 10.5.0-42 on Windows 10( and other OSes) I install the agent on the client, and then the client is showed as "unassigned device". I move it in the group "without keys" and start the manual group task "Add Key", but the progress hangs by 0% and nothing happed. It works insite our local network, but not over OpenVPN Any clue? Thanks Frank
  11. During the last days we had problems with KSC 10.3.407 in Windows Server 2008 R2. Symptoms are: Tasks: 'deliver reports' and 'Database mainetance', failed with error 'Access denied' Task: 'Download updates to the repository' failed with error 'Application configuration error. Please re-install application' I received 'access denied' if I tried to modify, delete or create new tasks. Nothing has changed in the server (users, permissions, etc.), only a couple of Windows update but I didn't find any reference to problems between KAV and updates, or yes? I have the GSI report ready. Thank you in advance
  12. Hello, We've recently begun testing KES 11 on a small cluster of machines in my environment to get a handle on any potential issues for when we move forward with deploying to the rest of my environment of about 5000 machines. The users of a few test machines report that since receiving KES 11, they're now no longer able to save MS Office 2016 documents (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, etc) to network shares. They instead receive a generic "Document not saved" error message from Office when trying to save and usually get prompted by the application to then try to save to the local drive. I found that the issue disappears as soon as KES 11 is disabled from the taskbar and resumes when KES 11 is reenabled. I found that the issue remains even if I disable all modules on KES 11 and simply leave KES running. I tried reinstalling KES 11 and repairing/uninstalling and reinstalling Office 2016 but neither resolved the issue. I contacted Support and they first suggested disabling the Firewall module (which didn't work) and then provided PF 5074 to install. I already have PF 5067 installed on these clients after a previous issue with KES 11 and Office 2016. Even after installing PF 5074 the issue is still present. I looked through the forums and found that this is apparently a known issue found in previous versions of Kaspersky products and I'm not sure if this issue was ever identified and resolved.
  13. Hi, i have just checked a handful of machines on the KSC, and the client logs only shows today and yesterday. Used to have alot of info Any ideas why this is and how to resolve? KSC - 10.5.1781 KEP - Thanks!
  14. I create a task for updates and I can not edit a schedule. Task " Install required updates and fix vulnerabilities". KSC SP3 10.5.1781
  15. Hello Guys I am having trouble updating on many computers in my system. I'm posting the error logs I got. I will be grateful if you could help me. logs.txt
  16. Hi, I have a problem with KES10 for Android. I am able to sync with the device from KSC and the device can sync with the server. But as soon as the Android device is connected to the wlan it is no longer able to sync with the sever even though I can still sync with it from KSC. KSC 10.5.1781 and KES for Android Any help would be appriciated Thanks
  17. Hi All, please advice how to change to other drive D:/ from C:\ProgramData\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1093\.working\FTServer Thanks
  18. Добрый день, имеется: Сервер с Debian x64, установлена версия 9.5, обновленная до Buster (testing). (Сначала установка Debian9.5, затем его обновление, затем установка Kesl+klnagent). Проблема: после недели работы Kesl версии ночью сервер завалил каталог /var/opt/kaspersky/kesl/common/dumps пока не кончилось дисковое пространство. Утром дампы были удалены руками, обнаружено: "Мониторинг файлов: Недоступна из-за внутренняя проблема" OAS остановлено. При попытке запустить через ./kesl-control --start-task 1 kesl перезапускается, (видимо wdserver-ом) и создается файл дампа. Трассировка агента и kesl включены, готов предоставить логи и дамп. Постоянная защита не работает. Переустановка kesl через aptitude remove ; dpkg -i ни чего не дала. Агента не переустанавливал. Изменения в настройки на KSC ни каких не вносилось. Прошу подсказать как это чинить. Спасибо. В приложенном логе команда "./kesl-control --start-task 1" была дана ровно в 11:07 (через at ..) kesl.23719.2018-08-10T103206.rar
  19. на Ubuntu 16.04 поставил kes Подскажите как установить задачу управления. для задачи ID=2. я в синтаксисе не могу разобраться. мне надо запускать проверку каждый понедельник в 12-00 (в обед) я пишу: /opt/kaspersky/kesl/bin/kesl-control --set-schedule 2 RuleType=Weekly StartTime=12:00:00; а дальше как?? как написать - понедельник и надо какой то период еще указать???
  20. Good day, I have a question if kaspersky Endpoint Security can it also look into the web traffic of HTTPS/ SFTP/ SSH? Can you give me a reference? Thank you.
  21. Hello ! Please tell me how can i find activation code for trail version for PoC please help what i do ? Thank you
  22. I have a weird issue. I encrypted a few computers in my office for testing. Two workers can log into the computers on our domain, but one other worker is having issues. It is set up so that anyone with a user name and password from the company should be able to log into the computer. The error posts that we have the incorrect credentials. Can anyone offer an idea of why this is happening? Thank you as always.
  23. hi, how to get protection wise comparison between ksc10sp3 with earlier versions as well the same between kes11 with earlier versions. I am helpless. How to get it. Please guide me. Thank You
  24. Hi, I am currently testing KES 10 to see if I want to buy it. While testing I was unable to get the android sync to work. It never synchronised with the server. However today the phone randomly connected (didn't change any settings) and instantly got locked even though no requests were sent out at the time. It is now asking for a pin which as far as i'm aware was never set. Also when I select the phone on KSC10 and select "unlock" it doesn't set the pin to 1234 like it says in the manual as it has reverted back to not being able to sync with the phone. Any help would be appriciated!
  25. Hi, I have turned off all agent connections, and ssl port connections to the admin server and KSN but we are being pummeled with external to internal I suspect traffic from (KSN - even though its off) via AVP.exe The only thing that seems to temporarily fix the issue is powering off the computers for a bit and turning them back on. once they come back on they are good for a short period of time, then they start connecting again like crazy.. If you could assist I would appreciate it. Thanks, Main package: "Kaspersky mr3.mr4" Network Agent package: "Kaspersky Security Center 10 Network Agent (10.4.343)"
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