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Found 302 results

  1. hello Document and present endpoint discovery in KSC 10.5 what does it means thank you
  2. Hi I'm actually using KSC10 to uprgade software and vulnerabilities. Before conputer have Winrar 3.93, i have buy licence for Winrar 5.60. In KSC10 task i only see Winrar 4x and Winrar 5x, i have select both and validate update on list. Actually task never upgrade my winrar I also try by creating a specifique task form KSC10 console " installing application" with winrar 5.60exe file Task still not working... error time out How to push my news version on computer? Regards
  3. Hello, We have had to connect an External Hard drive to one of our servers for backup storage. KES 11 scans this drive every 3 to 5 mins. Is there a way to exlude external hdds for certain computers. I was looking at the policies and device control, but I did not see how to exclude the external hdds. Kind regards, Paul
  4. Hi, We have multiple servers in the same LAN, we want while enabling the Kaspersky firewall, it should off ICMP & on RDP thus no one can't get the ping but at the same time if RDP is needed can access the server. Unable to configure the same. Kindly guide. BR
  5. I am using "Kaspersky End Point Security 10 for Windows" in windows 7 PC. Sharp Printer is connected through USB in the local computer, and working fine. This Printer was shared to some users, It was working fine before, But I think after the last updation of Kaspersky, there was no shared connection between the computers, unless I pause the Protection. When ever , i am stopped the kaspersky protection on the host pc, then shared printer will works and there is ping between the computers. I allowed all the available settings in firewall , and network is selected as Local Network Pls Refer the images.
  6. KSC 10.5.1781 KES 11 KES for mobile (android) Dear Forum, Mobile Device Management is enabled on the console. all mobile ports are open. KES on mobile can not connect to administration server! neither by IP address nor by DNS name. On KSC 10.4.343 everything was okay. we upgraded to KSC 10.5.1781 and the issue occurred.! is there any new setting that we should enable it on the new KSC in order to connect our mobiles to KSC??? please advise? BR,
  7. Greetings, Many devices have been attacked with viruses and worms which are spreading at very high rate to other devices and groups. Image is attached below in which this is the top virus (Net-Worm.Win32.Nimda) which is spreading with very fast pace and other viruses includes (Email-Worm.Win32.Runouce.b) , (Exploit.Win32.CVE-2010-2568.gen), (Backdoor.Win32.IRCBot.lav) and etc. I have started local and group tasks on all these effected system with Heuristic level (HIGH) and Advanced Disinfection enabled but still the response is same and viruses are spreading to other devices as well. Kindly suggest a remedy to stop spreading these virus. An urgent response would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. I have the same error as the fellow who posted this topic. Followed all instructions in the post, which worked for one device but not another. What I've done: No Kaspersky product have ever been installed on these two WIndows Servers Ran fresh setup Got error on two devices Found topic posted by jasonfromclarington, followed instructions: cleaner.exe /uc {B9518725-0B76-4793-A409-C6794442FB50} cleaner.exe /pc {BCF4CF24-88AB-45E1-A6E6-40C8278A70C5} Even checked permissions of MachineKeys located at C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MAchineKeys - matched these with the perms on a server that allowed net agent to install without issue. THIS HELPED ME INSTALL NET AGENT ON ONE OF TWO SERVERS THAT INITIALLY HAD THIS ISSUE The other server receives the same error after performing the same steps. Additionally tried remving anything that kavremover.exe found, rebooted. Same result. Any help is much appreciated. I've not had this issue with approximately 100 other servers.
  9. Hi, Applied patch 'b' on KSC 10.4.343. After applying patch the KSC stuck time by time. Event log shows the following error:
  10. I have 2000 ioc~.klq files in the c:\windows\temp folder totalling 260MB. KES has flagged these as malware. What has caused this?
  11. Hi, windows update issue in KSC 10.5 PFA for reference. kindly share me the reason. BR Copy of Patch Installation error_All Locations.xlsx
  12. good afternoon I need to generate a report in KSC 10 that shows a list of equipment with its respective version of agent and endpoint You can help me with this topic Thanks in advance
  13. Hi could you please test [mywebsite] Thanks for your help
  14. Chrome recently has annoying pop up as per attached images. I have checked all installed program and there is no spam ware. Clear cache and cookies. Uninstall and reinstall Chrome. Block popup on Chrome. Nothing works. Please help. Image 2.png 65 KB screen 1.png 74 KB
  15. I have configure Device control event notify by email if event occurs. But now event notification receive every time with out using the device Eg: no DVD insert to the rom. any one know about this issue.
  16. Hello, Shared folder "\\\admin$" is unavailable for the following accounts: <Current Administration Server service account> (Access is denied.) Cannot download the installation package through Network Agent because it is not installed on this device. How can i troubleshoot this error?
  17. Hello, I am new here, i have a problem when i install network agent remotely , please see error in attachment Thank you
  18. Hello, After cleaning tables wus_upd using the script reset_wus_tables (attached), I started receiving this error: [MS-WUSP]: UpdateSync failed. #1198 Assertion "tmCookieMaxSyncUpdatesTime != KLSTD::c_tmInvalidTime" failed. Other people had this issue in the past: Please advise [Attachment removed]
  19. Hi, can we customize the attachment filtering option in kaspersky security center 9 for microsoft exchange .we want to add extension by himself he wants to know how to do that in kaspersky security for exchange.we have tried from our end but attachment filtering option there is no option to add extension. whether it is possible or not and if possible the required step to do so.w have already shared the screenshot in the attachment. Thank you microsoft exchange filtering.docx
  20. Please Help IBM Notes 9.0.3 didn't run with Win10+KES11 My compan's New PC is WIn10 + KES11 , but not start Notes 9.0.1 Client on this PC. Application control is turned off and I added the Notes installation folder to trusted, but it does not start up. Is this a UAC problem?
  21. Hi All, I am trying to install KES on a Mac Mini running OSX 10.13.6 (Late 2014, 8GB ram, 2.6ghz cpu, 1TB drive with over 900gb free) I have tried performing a local install which gets to 93% and fails. Firewall is off, Filevault is off. Error message: The Install failed (the installer encountered an an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance) I have also tried to push the install from KSC, again it gets to about 93% and fails but this time I see an error 'hdiutil detached failed' path not found But if I try to run it again remotely, KSC tells me the product is already installed. Checking the Mac it is not in the Applications folder or running in the background. I managed to do a local install on an Early 2015 Mac Book running 10.13.6 (1.1ghz, 8gb ram 256gb with 54gb free) This reports back to KSC as expected. Anyone able to offer some insight please?
  22. Hello, I'm new to the forum. Imhaving an issue, I noticed that users cant connect to the work computers via RDP. I did a test and noticed that this only affects windows10 Computers, the only way around, for now, is to go to the Kspersky security center, and disable the endpoint security for the computer I was trying to access, and as soon as I disable it, it works as it should. any ideas? thank you
  23. I have KES for Windows SELECT license. Can I use the same key on KES 10 for Linux?
  24. hello Please tell something about different encryption methods (symmetric and asymmetric) thankyou
  25. Hello Hy i am going to ask you what the reason or which type of mistake done thats why Remotely Network agent not installed? Thank you
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