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Found 302 results

  1. I have not been able to start the new Adaptive Anomaly Control. It always stays at paused state even after updating all the rules.
  2. Hi, can you provide me the flow chart of ksmg with diagram? thank you
  3. In Software Updates the filters are reset every time you re-open KSC. Since upgrading KSC to version 10.5.1781 not only are the filters reset but now also the columns are being reset. When you have a list of 1000+ updates this makes it extremely frustrating given how slow the GUI is to not only have to apply the filters but now having to remove/add/re-position the columns as well. Please advise if there is a way to configure KSC to retain the selected columns and if possible (in this new version) whether filters can also be saved? Regards, Andy
  4. Hi, I have a problem with my KSC, there are some devices with a "Database are out of date" warning status even though the last update is today.
  5. I am a business partner of Cloud hosting service providers and I offer managed cloud hosting service. The reason for me discussing it over here is I am getting many malicious attacks nowadays. So, is it a good approach to run scan every day or Is there any other approach that I should follow in order to be safe from all kinds of virus.
  6. Hi Kaspersky, Endpoint: KSC: 10.5.1781 How can I create a policy to change the default settings for the local tasks? For example clients, which are not able to connect to the Internet should always use the KSC as source. In advance, I creates a central task, do download updates from the internal server. The local Update task still brings me errors witin the the event tab.
  7. Hello every one, Greetings i am facing a problem in KES 11 that one of the system show the Proxy server authentication constantly, i have tried every thing but it wont work. the second picture shows the events on that system where the problem Proxy server authentication occur the third picture shows the KSC administration server where the proxy server is configured the 4th one shows the proxy of the policy enforced on the system
  8. Hi, I need a help for install Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows 11 in some workstations with SCCM 2012. I created a package with .msi (msiexec.exe /i "kes_win.msi" /quiet /norestart) and i sent to 150 workstations, but error 1603 returned after the system try to install. I tried to install with psexec and nothing happen! I tried to install with log option and show me the accept Privacy Policy is needed. We put the PRIVACYPOLICY=1 and not happen too. We tried with setup.ini from Kaspersky 10, but nothing happen again! What do we need to do to install kaspersky via SCCM?
  9. Whenever I try to perform this task, the task reaches 9%, pauses for hours then yields this result: How can I begin to troubleshoot this? Does KSC10 reach out to Windows Update or internal WSUS to synchronize updates?
  10. Hi, I am struggling to create a report that provides me with exactly what I require. I basically want a report sent weekly that shows all of the threats (viruses etc.) that we received the previous week. Also, after a clear a virus from a machine, I reset the virus counter - if I reset the counter, does this mean that the virus wont list in the report? Thanks
  11. Hi, i'm trying to change the KLadmin password in the security profile, but when i click on "SAVE" to save the changes it doesn't happens nothing. Can't change the password and i don't know what's the default password. Kaspersky EndPoint 11.0
  12. I have karpesky endpoint security for windows version 11.0 I have my computers on the encrypting network through the server to a computer format only the C drive where windows 7 was and the D drive that was encrypted does not now try to remove the encryption system but it indicates the error in the image I also deleted the server's equipment then I added it again I tried to use the support option to recover but I can not thank you very much if you have any solution
  13. It looks like all the settings are grey out. Is there a place to put in the user and password so I can disable some of the components or I have to do it through the cloud?
  14. I downloaded the RPM file on this page https://support.kaspersky.com/kes10linux#downloads When run install command (rpm -i kesl-10.1.0-5960.x86_64.rpm) I got error: Then my Kaspersky doesn't work. I am using Fedora 28, 64 bit with kernel 4.18.10-200.fc28.x86_64 How can I fix it?
  15. Hello. Good day, I just have a question regarding on the installation of KSC. May I know if KSC managements console is recommended to install on the AD Server? if not may I know the reason? Thank you.
  16. Greetings, I am facing an issue regarding CPU high Utilization despite having sufficient amount of RAM. The server is installed with KES 11. The option "Concede resources" is also enabled but still CPU is on high utilization. Attached are the GSI report and the snapshots of the processes. Kindly suggest the solution for this issue. GSI Report: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g12opkdc3m5geau/GSI6_HO-PRODDB2_axadmin_10_01_2018_11_35_18.zip?dl=0 Thanks
  17. Kaspersky will not up date and it constantly puts out a pop up box requesting proxy server details. It is installed on a staff laptop under commercial licence from my university. I am on a research trip and the laptop is never on campus. How can I solve this?
  18. i am in touch with technical support for a problem with the Critical Fix Core 11 on KS 10.1 for servers. I would need to know with absolute certainty if these Critical Fixes are comulative. Then, if CF Core11 is installed i should not need to install the CF Core10 too. Is this correct? Thanks.
  19. Hi all, I'm going to uninstall KES 10 remotely from KSC 10 in several machines. I'm not sure if a reboot is required or not. Anyone could help me? Thanks in advance. Regards
  20. Posso criar um outro usuário administrador no KSC? Como?
  21. As the storage capacity of usb key increases, the scan of any usb device can take several minutes to complete. alas, during this time, the device is accessible for the user to open any file. Is there a possibility to block the browsing on any mass storage device until the completion of the scan ? Using Kespaerky endpoint Security, Agent V10.5.1781 and admin server 10.5.1781 Thanks
  22. Hi I understand the above pf fixes Outlook crashing issues with KES 11. Have already tried uninstalling KES/Re-installing The issue seems similar to the one reported here:
  23. Please scan our websites (link) and (link) and give us the give us the green K on a search. Thank you.
  24. Tell me how to create .klo file for import selection devises from file?
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