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Found 302 results

  1. Hello, I have a problem with my KSC 10. If I try to configure the "Backup of Administration Server Data" task, I get this error when I set the SC_Backup folder. At the moment these users have write permission: SYSTEM, NETWORK SERVICE, KLAdmins and Administrator. Thank you Edit: both KSC and SQL Server are in the same machine
  2. Hi there. I hope all are doing well. Our customer has made a group where there are two computers and he wants to block and allow certain specific applications. After following the exact same procedure mentioned in Kaspersky documents and Kaspersky tutorial videos the Skype program still run on those computers. I would really appreciate if someone could help me in this regard. Thanks! Faizan
  3. I have recently deployed a kaspersky to the clients remotely using a task in kaspersky security center. After installation below different massage to different workstations are given : 1.Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows (Strong encryption) ( Installation completed successfully. Waiting for application initialization. 2.Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows (Strong encryption) ( Installation completed successfully. Restart complete Waiting for application initialization. Kaspersky Security Center Version: 10.4.343 KES version :
  4. Hi guys, we are having some trouble with our website. Most of our customers are having trouble opening our website revglue(.)com because they have installed your software on there system and enable web protection. I know it sound suspicious but we have been conducting business legally from some time now, our website is secured and we never had such problem before. Maybe it is because of our blog section where we updated and add some new posts recently. Our team or developers is currently looking into it. Please if you guys have any suggestion we will be happy to hear it. Thanks.
  5. I am trying to perform a command in the URL and it is being blocked by KES 11.1. I would like to send the files in private mode. It's possible?
  6. Hola! Tengo licencia comercial para 500 equipos que están por vencer. Como la empresa no ha aprobado la compra o renovación de licencias para esta semana, van a caducar si o si. En las próximas semanas deberíamos tener el OK para poder comprarlas. Mientras tanto... "La licencia de usuario de Kaspersky Endpoint Security para Windows está a punto de caducar. Días restantes: 1." Cuando esta caduque, con que inconvenientes me puedo encontrar? perdería control de los dispositivos con la consola de administración? se modifica algún parámetro de configuración? o solo dejaríamos de recibir actualizaciones de definiciones de virus? Quedo atento a su respuesta. Saludos.
  7. Hi, the option for blocking secure connection if the certificate is not trusted is a really great functionality. can you add an option for giving the user a warning if the i certificate is not trusted so that the user has the option to choose whether to proceed or not instead of just blocking without giving the user a chance to choose. Also can you add an option to scan TLS certificates (some connections use TLS) because i only saw the option for SSL certificaes.
  8. "Posted August 1 Dear Users, Let us announce the end of the forum testing for KES10 SP2 MR3. We would like to express our gratitude on behalf of the company for your attention, patience and efforts dedicated to testing our products. The commercial release will be announced soon." soon = month, quarter or year?
  9. Hello I have a problem when i tried to install KES 11 on a workstation and this is the error message (setup progress error:-1 general error ) You will find the log files in attached Regards GSI6_30C4AA08_Administrator_10_28_2018_09_34_01.zip
  10. Upon installation of WebConsole on a DC where i had KSC10 installed i got error without any specification. Had a guess that must be it - i uninstalled KSC10. Started instalation of full KSC11 with WebConsole. It was going smoothle until another error occured. Even thou overall KSC installation succeded. My server is virtualized on ESX 16GB Ram, 64-bit, Win Server 2008 SP2 (without R2) . System is up-to-date. Installed with domain admin account, added to admin group on local machines.
  11. Hello, My Administration Server is KSC 10.3.407 installed in Windows Server 2008 R2, and i am using KSC console installed in Windows Seven x64 to administer the day to day tasks in that server. Lately, a new IT helpdesk was assigned to manage KSC server, so i've installed the console on his computer, but it's unable to communicate with the server (while ping and dns tests are ok). In the same time, from my computer, i can access it using the console correctly. I would like to know what might prevent the console from connecting to the server Thank you.
  12. During creation of policies and task i get error that you can see in screenshot.
  13. Hello everyone, I can't setup Kaspersky Security Center Web Console, after installation when I try to connect with HTTPS://192.168.x.x, I have those screenshots in return !
  14. Hello. I have a problem with extending the number of nodes protected by Kaspersky cloud. Previously, our company tried to purchase an upgrade license which would increase the number of protected devices from 10 to 20, but the reseller sold us the wrong license. Basically, I have 2x10 nodes licenses now. I applied for a refund & return and it has been stuck in pending state since June 8th. When I tried to reach the sales manager regarding this issue I was told that the problem is at the Kaspersky partner side, not on the reseller's side. Naturally, I tried to reach Kaspersky business support to resolve the issue, but I have never received any reply which would clarify the situation. Could you please clarify, who is in charge of the returns and what needs to be done in order to get this resolved? See incidents INC000009309678 INC000009210035 My company's ID: ID: 81cc91df-86d4-42e7-b319-6fd81d932ad2 License ID: 6A768784--CC0-B-48-E7-9-53C-05064C738F27 Thanks.
  15. Hello I want to know what is the best practice to protect the servers and clients from ransomware by KES for windows server and workstation by KSC policy. More explanation; how can i configure the policy via KSC for both servers and workstation against ransomware. I've installed Kaspersky for windows servers v and Kaspersky for windows v11.0.0.6499 Thanks in advance. Regards.
  16. Hello Everybody, Many client pc are shown as database are out of date status and can not properly connected to the Kaspersky Security Center. But after manually run the klsrvklchgh tool from the client end and also send a heartbeat from client pc, Kaspersky network agent able to connect to the administrator server and getting update from it. For synchronization its also need to run the force synchronization option on that device which database are out of date form the Kaspersky Security Center. So it is difficult to doing the same thing from every single client pc. Is there any way to create a single command/task to sync with all agent from Kaspersky Security Center? Thanks in Advance @Redhot
  17. I am trying to install one application remotely from Kaspersky Security center. so i have create a pakge and when i am installing it, It give me error that you much accept then License term and condition . Kindly guide me how i do that.
  18. Hi, unable to get the option to take automatic restore & backup of critical system files In kes11. Kindly help. BR
  19. Hi experts i am new to kaspersky, i want to exclude one exe file on one server from kaspersky security center. experts guide me on this
  20. How quickly should I be able to see changes in available locations in klnagchk? There are 3 'locations' that are missing form this list but have been added to my network agent policy and the policy has been applied to this device.
  21. Hello all, I've got a network managed by KSC where I have 40 licences of KES for a total of 39 windows desktop. The one in the image says "Icon created" at 1 week ago but I just deploid the the agent and KES, but I can't get to activate it and I have another desktop with same problem... even if I try to add key manually. How can that happen?
  22. Dear Kaspersky, Problems activating the worker module. I followed the manual strictly. I made new installations and the problem continues. What to do? Best regards, Henrique Euler Brazil
  23. Hello If I create a new policy for KES11 in the KSC it asks if I want to automatically add exclusions in Dameware Mini Remote Control Application which is an application that we use. Is it possible to automatically add these exclusions in for an active policy that we already have? I don't want to have to re-create my policy from scratch. Thanks
  24. Dear, i have a problem After installing The KES 10 End Point on the clients from the Administration Server the Device control and Web control Malfunction Please I need help ASAP
  25. Guys, good afternoon! Version: Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud - build I have questions regarding content categories and the warning message for users when browsing the web. I know there are categories pre-defined by KAS, but I'm not sure what kind of content they check. For example: In the categories of Violence; Explicit language and obscenities: what do they actually check? Does KAS provide a link explaining each category? About the warning message that appears / is displayed when a webpage or an unsolicited site is visited / blocked. I know I can change it manually at each Endpoint, but it's not interesting, since we lost a lot of time. Where can we make the same configuration in the Cloud environment? Example in Endpoint: The requested web page can not be provided. Address:% CANONIC_REQUEST_URL%. The web page has been blocked by the% RULE% rule. Reason: the web resource belongs to the% CONTENT_CATEGORY_LIST% content category (-ies) and the% TYPE_CATEGORY_LIST% data type category (-ies). This web resource is prohibited at the company. If you consider the blocking to be mistaken or if you need to access this web resource, contact the local corporate network administrator (% COMPLAIN_EMAIL%).
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