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Zoom Web Cam Access --- Kaspersky Total Security vs. Kaspersky Premium

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This is a Zoom question and a Kaspersky question:

I run Kaspersky Total Security under Windows 10.  My friend bought Kaspersky Premium under Windows 10 on my recommendation.  So, we are running two different versions of Kaspersky.

Under Kaspersky Total Security, I'm able to unblock the web camera under Zoom by going to Main Application Window > Privacy Protection > Webcam Protection > Off.  In my case, this works each and every time.  As soon as I turn webcam protection off, I'm able to see my image under Zoom and my friends are able to see my image as well.

I've tried to help my friend do the same thing under Kaspersky Premium.  From her description, it sounds like the interface is entirely re-designed.  My experience with Kaspersky Total Security is not helping her under Kaspersky Premium.

The problem?  Turning off webcam protection under Kaspersky Premium does not seem to work.  She still cannot see herself under Zoom and no one else can see her either.  Furthermore, her microphone is not working.  She believes her problem started when she installed Kaspersky Premium.  Prior to installing Kaspersky Premium, she was able to participate in Zoom meetings and both her audio and video were working.

It is difficult for me to diagnose her problem over the telephone since I cannot see exactly what she is doing.  I suppose I could invite her to a Zoom session and have her show me what she is doing via Zoom.  Not sure if that will work.

Do you have any ideas?  Is there a simple fix for her problem?  Do you think it is Kaspersky Premium that is blocking both her web camera and her microphone?

From the main window in Kaspersky Premium, I asked her to click on the tool icon in the lower left corner.  We then went to privacy settings.  From there we turned off a setting for blocking the web camera.  While I could not see what she was doing, she told me that the privacy setting for her web camera had remained "off" after she turned it "off."

Any help would be appreciated.  She has tried getting into the settings for specific applications.  I assume she set something for Zoom but I'm not sure what she did.

Screen images would be particularly helpful.  Since I can't see what she is doing, I'm having a hard time helping her.



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Hello @ComputerGuy, welcome.

The Premium has a similar structure to your KTS. You will recognize some of the settings, they are just accessed a little differently.

The webcam control can be found in the 'Privacy' category. The gear icon will take you to the settings page:





Sometimes, however, it is also necessary to set the permissions for a specific program. Clicking on 'Intrusion prevention' takes you to the same page as for your KTS (Manage applications).
Search for 'Zoom' and double-click on it to go to its individual settings. There you need the 'Rights' tab.
At the bottom are two options for camera and micro.
Are they both allowed?




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Hello @ComputerGuy


We tested on our system, we got audio, both ways, but no visuals, read: List of supported web cameras

We didn't need to change anything to have Zoom audio work, but, within Premium, if anything did need to be tweaked, these as the screens: 



👉We didn't make any restrictions to Webcam & Mic control, for the purpose of this test, those can be set later:  


Read: About application access to the webcam and microphone


Zoom is a *Trusted* application



Post back with any questions? 

Thank you🙏

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