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Why was my old Kaspersky forum account deleted?

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You’re most welcome☺ !

There’s a variety of topics  about the issue, @Rodion Nagornov, addresses it in Kaspersky Lab Forums, migration and localization topic raised by @Richchad

Another comment by @Rodion Nagornov is made in Logging into "Community Forum" with username

There’s also a Community suggestion, raised by   @Prashant →  Old forum articles should avaiable to access. Google search results redirect to the home page of forum, instead of the indicated topic

There are other related topics, in the Search🔍 field, enter Forum, select from available. 

Some of us hoped the original Forum would be archived, it was a valuable resource; Kaspersky chose not to do that. 

It would’ve been good to be given an end date, so we could retrieve information before it was nuked, sadly no comms took place. 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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