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Why 32Bits in applications in 2022?

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53 minutes ago, Juan Francisco said:

Currently, one of the few apps installed on my windows 11 laptop that runs on the x86 architecture are KTS and KPM. Why don't you make the application available in the correct CPU and OS x64 architecture?? Why stick with the legacy x86 architecture?

Hello @Juan Francisco,

Welcome back!

Sharing advice provided by one of the Community's most knowledgeable & respected Moderator's @Schulte


"KAV/KIS/KTS/KSC are modular, all contain the GUI - 32-bit process and SYSTEM drivers. There's no point in making the GUI a 64-bit process. However, the drivers that do actual SYSTEM level protection have been 64-bits for a while now. The selection which drivers to use, happens automatically when the software is installed."

End quote

Thank you🙏

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14 minutes ago, Juan Francisco said:

But upgrading to 64 Bits has its benefits, more performance, more security and stability. The new versions should be 64Bits by default. Hint for developers.

Hello @Juan Francisco

You're most welcome!

Hint for users, the software core is 64bits. 

The rest is just window dressing. 

Thank you🙏

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