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Whitelisted URL still does not open and keeps loading for infinite time [Closed]

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Thank you very much! Well, they have asked for some data, but in terms of proposed solutions I haven’t really heard much…

If I add “asana” to Safe Money Protection as per your instructions - it falls back into loading for infinite time unfortunately…



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Hello @sandford,

You’re very welcome!

  • Did you add:


& hmmm, I’d really like to hear the Lab’s “diagnosis”🤔

  • Please ask them if "Check Secure connections (HTTPS)" “unselected”, is a “workaround” or an actual solution? 
  • In Safari, with AdblockPlus, off, does “asana” access resolve?
  • If “yes” can sites be whitelisted in AdblockPlus? 

Please keep us posted?

Best regards🙏 . 


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  • 2 months later...


Did you manage to get this problem sorted. I have the same issue whether I use Safari or Chrome (I mainly use the latter).


This really is a joke. Asana is one of the most widely used project management tools and Kaspersky makes it unusable which means I turn off Kaspersky for most of the time - then ask my question what’s the point of having it.


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