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VPN for Android , does it work with 3G/4G?

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so if the vpn doens’t work on 4g, any suggestions? I just purchased it and not sure what to expect but my iphone x doesn’t seem to turn on vpn when on 4G.  Also the internet browsing is really slow and non-existent at times when the vpn is on and connected to wifi. 

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@Beanypole Welcome.

I can’t reproduce your issue under iOS 14.7.1 , please try this :

  1. Disable Wi-Fi 
  2. Enable Mobile data
  3. Switch  4G to 3G and activate Kaspersky VPN
  4. Disable Kaspersky VPN
  5. Switch  3G to 4G and activate Kaspersky VPN ???

Also, please try other virtual locations to test Browsing speed.

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