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VPN blocking internet connection


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Same happens to me since yesterday. Kaspersky VPN is on autostart with no virtual location, no problems when the program isn't connected to a location. But when I choose a virtual location, it blocks my internet connection and I can't do anything, I'm completely offline. I haven't changed any configuration.

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19 hours ago, Berny said:

@Scoreboy Welcome.

Please see Limitations of using Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection ?

Submitting your issue to Kasperksy Technical Support is another option.

Thanks, but none of that applies. I've been a Kaspersky VPN user for 3 years, it has worked as a charm during that time, my suscription is active until february. It just simply stopped working 3 days ago. I'll submit the issue to the Technical Support, but I don't expect an answer in weeks, and I need it. So I'll start looking for a new VPN provider. Thanks anyway for your suggestions.

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5 hours ago, meredithtohayes said:

Thank you, Berny!

I have done that repeatedly, and have found that I am not the only one who thinks Kaspersky tech support/customer service is useless.

They used to be good. Today, I am searching around One Last Time before I move on to another provider.

But thanks for responding, and best to you.

What location are you connecting to? Have you tried to selected another one?

Is the 'Kill switch' option switched on or off?

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This Forum's experts are as clueless as their Technical support. I've got the same problem across all my MS devices with Wi-Fi connection. 

The virtual location has nothing to do with this problem. The connection is there but you can't browse the internet with VPN ON because of the TCP protocol conflict. I managed to fix this on Win 10 (thanks to the tenforums.com ppl) - you need to change DHCP from automatic to manual, tweak IPv4 preferred and alternative DNS, disable IPv6 and such. Unfortunately, it didn't work on Win 11 machines in my case. 

And yeah, contacting Kaspersky Technical support is just a waste of time. All they tell you is to uninstall and reinstall the app, which of course doesn't solve the problem. Lol, it's like MS troubleshooting feature - never troubleshoot anything in my 20+ years experience with Microsoft products - just the epic "Contact your local Administrator" bs. BTW, why is Kaspersky VPN makes you agree to data collection but use it for marketing purposes only instead of trying to make their product to actually work. yes, this problem makes VPN app practically useless on my Win 11 laptop.

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