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Trojan.win32.sepeh.gen Detected, Disinfection Impossible, then never shows up again

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Hey all, I'm new to Kaspersky and trying out the free version while we wait for our Norton 360 subscription to run out. Yesterday I was doing a scan after downloading a video and about 10 minutes after the scan started I noticed that the definitions needed updating. So I paused the scan and hit update. At that moment I noticed that there was a 4 events logged 12 minutes into the scan. I checked it out and they were all trojan.win32.sepeh.gen with object type showing as System Memory. Three said Event: Disinfection Impossible, one said Malicious Object Detected and Reason: Postponed. So once the definition update was complete I ran another full scan and nothing showed up. I've now ran at least 20 scans in total both in Safe Mode and regular boot mode with Kaspersky, Norton 360 and Malwarebytes free version and nothing at all is showing anymore. I even tried to play the video I downloaded and then scan thinking maybe the video was running malicious code through the media player on execution and still nothing. There's nothing in my quarantine and it never said that the trojan.win32.sepeh.gen was cleaned so I'm really worried it's just hiding. I also noticed that when googling this trojan that other than Kaspersky, there is no info I can find on it. Only Kaspersky seems to know be able to identify this and most other forum results tell me to do what I've already explained I've done here. Can anyone help me figure out if this was an FP maybe, or if something may be hiding or it's already cleared and I'm okay?? Appreciate any and all help!



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15 minutes ago, Berny said:

@Rosebud Welcome.

Running simultaneous another security suite together with Kaspersky is creating conflicts and can result in false detections. Can you please uninstall Norton and test again.

Alright, I've uninstalled both Norton and Malwarebytes and am running a full scan in safe mode. I will update with the results once it's completed.

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7 minutes ago, Berny said:


Thank you for your feedback.
No detections means your system is clean 👍

That is a huge relief, super happy it was just an FP. Thank you so much for helping and sticking with me through the process! 😊

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