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Thankyou Kaspersky!


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Just wanting to leave a positive review, Kaspersky has never done me wrong, had a couple screen freezes here and there when i mixed BitDefender with Kaspersky but i’m not here to complain i’m simply here to thank the developers of this amazing software for wanting to keep the cyber community safe :)
I have a rather beefy computer so i haven’t had any lag issues or anything, i’m running Nvidia Geforce RTX2080 Super with a i7-8700K with 16GB of DDR4 ram running at 3200MHZ i believe with a 1TB M.2SSD. If someone from the development team sees this, could you satisfy my curiosity and maybe tell me how many lines of code are in Kaspersky. Coding interests me, even though as of writing this review i barely know anything, so i don’t know whether you guys compile it or whatever else you could possibly do. However, once again, Thankyou! 

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