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Operating system Microsoft Windows 8.1 Home x64 Build 9600    

Application version

One of the features I use is SOFTWARE UPDATER.

On 11/24/2020 1:34PM I received an update push on Kaspersky for my app iTunes the push states.

Important Update

Vendor: Apple

Version to

Size of update 209 MB

I did not install this update but later went to my iTunes app and checked for updates. My iTunes app made a connection to iTunes and checked. The response back was version 12.10.10 is the latest version.

For several months now I have checked the iTunes app and there are sometimes important updates available with security patches however I do not get an update push from Kaspersky.

Now suddenly I get an update push from Kaspersky but Apple iTunes app reports no update available.

I would like Kaspersky to investigate this push.

In the past several weeks I have been getting update pushes from some of my apps that Kaspersky does not seem to monitor. I have updated them and found serious software bugs in them. I have always trusted Kaspersky to advise me of the best update regarding urgent security patches but now this unusual occurrence.  

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