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Skyworth TV box (Android) does not have the VPN app found

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As per subject title, "Kaspersky Antivirus & VPN by Kaspersky Lab Switzerland isn't available on Google Play on this device" is the message shows on the screen.

This is my first time by the way for purchasing a subscribed VPN service, though I should have checked inside the TV box app store in the first place.

But no matter, what if I downloaded an APK from a 3rd party app store. May I know which one might comply to the policy of Kaspersky and is it even possible?

Thank you.

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Posted (edited)

Hello @EduardL,


Unless the Skyworth TV box meets Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection for Android, hardware and software requirements, it's not possible. 

💥There are no apks that we know of & making recommendations for third pty software is a breach of Community rules. 

Thank you🙏


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