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Hi there,

Please note that our website (amazon360solutions.com) was detected by Kaspersky Internet Security as a Phishing website and that was due to a bad plugin uploaded to our WordPress site. Now we  did reset our WordPress site and we are asking for Kaspersky support to remove Phishing flag from our website.

Also as attached (https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/2f0b987845258cdbfd5f87b5968a84da1a331ada9790fb9ea54e216b23f21252?nocache=1) You can notice that only Kaspersky falsely still detect our website as Phishing while all other  internet security software are not.

Please scan our website (https://www.amazon360solutions.com).

Appreciate your support.

Thanks in advance!


Kind regards,

Bassem Erian



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