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Report Folder consumes disk space more than 1 GB [Kaspersky Security for Windows Server]

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KSC - 12

You may find a massive increase in disk usage from the folder report under the Kaspersky folder. The size of the report folder will increase from around 2GB to 12GB, the files in the report folder have random name (like 340a13d9-2a50-4c4e-94d6-82a79d80da4b), which rapidly grows and consumes disk space.

The file can be deleted to resolve the disk space full issue, which itself can cause many issues (can't log in to the server, KSWS stop, etc)

To delete the file:

  1. Stop KSWS.
  2. Add permission/owner for the login account.
  3. Right-click and delete file.

This issue is caused by the Task log setting under Log and Notification tab in the KSWS policy. 

To avoid the detailed events issue:

  1. Ensure that there are no Informational events in the Importance level option in each Component. 
  2. Remove task logs older than (days) is selected.


In case you do the above step and the random file is still keep growing rapidly (100 MB per hour), it may be causes by the flooding event. 

You can check the event flooding by using "DB Browser for SQLite". 

For example, the log above is generated by the Application launch control component. You may solve this issue by disabling Application launch control log.

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