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Recovery Enviroment

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I was wondering but can you add a recovery environment option for Kaspersky plus/premium?

This would be able to remove the following:

Trojan Horses
Logic Bombs
File Infectors
Polymorphic Viruses
Macro Viruses
Boot Sector Viruses
Browser Hijackers
Mobile Malware
Polymorphic Malware
Multipartite Viruses
Armored Viruses
Memory Resident Viruses
Macro-based Malware
Stealth Viruses
MBR (Master Boot Record) Viruses
Browser Exploits
Fileless Malware
Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
Exploit Kits
Social Engineering Attacks
Internet of Things (IoT) Malware
Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) Attacks
Fake Antivirus Software
Browser Redirect Virus
Remote Access Trojans (RATs)
Exploit Ransomware
SMS or Text Message Malware
Zero-day Attacks
Dropper Malware
BIOS/UEFI Rootkits
DNS Changer Malware
Watering Hole Attacks
Steganographic Malware
AI-Powered Malware
Form Grabbers
IoT Botnets
Sandbox-Evasion Malware
Click Fraud
Point-of-Sale (POS) Malware
File Crypters
Network Sniffers
Firmware Malware
Browser Password Stealers
Memory Scrapers
Mac Malware
Voice Phishing (Vishing)
BIOS Infectors
Firmware Infectors
AI-Powered Attacks
Browser Extension Malware
Advanced Malware FrameworksMaldoc (Malicious Document)
Camfecting (Webcam Hacking)
Mobile Banking Trojans
DNS Tunneling
Stealer Trojans
Crypto Stealers
POS RAM Scrappers
SMS Trojans
Banking Trojans
Crypto Ransomware
Drive-by Downloads
Fake Apps
SMS Worms
Browser Helper Object (BHO) Malware
Scareware Trojans
Email Spamming Botnets
SQL Injection Attacks
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks
Password Cracking Tools
Virtual Machine Escape Malware
Bootkit Malware
Mobile Spyware
Clipboard Hijackers
Browser Password Managers Exploitation
Malicious Browser Toolbars
File Encryption Malware
IoT Firmware Vulnerabilities
POS Keyloggers
Biometric Spoofing Attacks
Supply Chain AttacksJavaScript Malware
DNS Hijacking
Email Phishing
APT (Advanced Persistent Threat)
Macro Obfuscation Techniques
Evasive Malware
Memory Manipulation Malware
HTTPS/SSL Stripping
Credential Stuffing
Malware Droppers
Firmware Backdoors
Wi-Fi Hacking Malware
Web Shell Malware
Fake Updates
DNS Hijacking
Reverse Engineering Malware
Advanced Fileless Malware
Memory Injection Attacks
Malware Persistence Techniques
Botnet-based DDoS Attacks

Steganography-based Malware
Crypto-Mining Malware
Voice Assistant Exploits
Malicious USB Devices
DNS Poisoning
Browser CryptojackingRAT (Remote Access Trojan)
Keystroke Injection Attacks
Crypto-Stealing Trojans
Memory Scanning Malware
Mobile Remote Access Trojans (MRATs)
Cryptojacking Botnets
Browser Crypto-Mining Worms
Bluetooth Hacking Malware
Social Media Malware
POS Malware Frameworks
Credential Harvesting Malware
PowerShell-based Malware
SMS Phishing (Smishing)
Mac Firmware Malware
IoT Botnet Command-and-Control (C&C) Servers
In-memory Malware
Audio Malware
Man-in-the-Browser Attacks
Malicious AI-generated Content
Malware Droppers via Malvertising
Mobile Spyware Frameworks
Drone Hijacking Malware
Wi-Fi Sniffing Malware
Point-of-Sale Malware as a Service (MaaS)
Ad Fraud Botnets
Voice Recognition Malware
Memory Cache Attacks
Cryptojacking Trojans
Wearable Device Malware
Stealthy Hardware Implants
Mac Sandbox Escapes
Industrial Control System (ICS) Malware
Bluetooth Worms
Ad Fraud Malware
Voice Assistant Eavesdropping
GPS Spoofing Techniques
Smart TV Malware
AI-driven Spear Phishing
Software Supply Chain Malware
Drone Surveillance Malware
Optical Malware
Print Spooler Exploits
Automotive Malware
Cloud-based Malware
Password-Stealing Botnets
Phishing Kits
Malware Sandbox Evasion Techniques
GPS Spoofing MalwareVirtualization-based Malware
Voice Assistant Manipulation
Fitness Tracker Exploits
Social Media Botnets
Digital Wallet Malware
Self-Replicating Mobile Malware
Genetic Malware Variants
SIM Card Hijacking Malware
Data Exfiltration Malware
E-commerce Platform Exploits
Adware Bundlers
Smart Home Device Hijacking
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Botnets
Cryptocurrency Exchange Exploits
AI-driven Deepfake Malware
Web Skimming Malware
Insider Threat Malware
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Malware
Industrial Espionage Malware
Banking Trojan Networks
Mobile BotnetsMacro-less Malware
Credential Stealing Malware
Secure Boot Exploits
Voice Assistant Voice Cloning
Genetic Algorithm Malware
Medical Device Malware
Automated Malware Generation Tools
Cloud Service Exploits
Mobile App Code Injection
Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Malware
Digital Certificate Abuse
Zero-Click Exploits
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Malware
Memory Residency Malware
Anti-Analysis Techniques
Social Engineering Malware
IoT Device Firmware Backdoors
IoT Botnet as a Service (BaaS)
Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) Malware
Hidden Cryptocurrency Miners
Malware Targeting Virtual Reality (VR) Platforms
Malicious USB Rubber Ducky
DNSSEC Attacks
Electric Grid Malware
Automated Botnet Creation Tools
IoT Device Identity Spoofing
Counter-AV Techniques
Malware Campaign Automation
Malware Targeting Cloud Containers
Exploits Leveraging AI Models
Voice Command Injection Attacks
Malware Targeting Voice Assistants
Supply Chain Manipulation Malware
AI-based Polymorphic Malware
Wearable Device Data Theft
Covert Communication Channels
Print Spooler Exploitation Techniques
Machine Learning Poisoning Attacks
Augmented Reality (AR) Malware
Genome Data Exploitation
Quantum Computing-based Malware
Malware Evading Behavioural Analysis
Adware as a Service (AaaS)
Quantum Cryptography Exploits
Cryptocurrency Malware Mining Pools
Malware Leveraging Blockchain Technology
Hardware-based BIOS Attacks
Mobile Botnets for Cryptojacking
Evasive Code Obfuscation
Biometric Data Spoofing
Phishing as a Service (PaaS)
Web Scraping Malware
Driver Exploits
Unpatchable Zero-day Exploits


And many many more! This would be an amazing feature to add please take this into consideration thanks for reading!







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Hello @mqiva


  1. IF (you) wish for Kaspersky software to be enhanced, (you're) welcome to raise a Feedback, I have a suggestion or Feedback, I have a complaint request, with  Kaspersky Customer Service: https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c#contacts. 

    Provide as much information as possible & *define* the request clearly; support may communicate with you & discuss the proposal. All requests go thru the relevant team/s, not all requests are successful & even successful requests may take a long time to be implemented

  • ?Make sure you post back the Incident request number please? 

Thank you?

Edited by Flood and Flood's wife
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